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YUMIX TDM8/2.5G | 8 x Gb Multiplexer Card

YUMIX TDM8_2.5G_1106 

The optical line card TDM8/2.5G is built on a flexible modular basis supporting SFP modules for various transmission rates in the range of 30 to 270 Mbps. Thus multiple protocols are supported using the one and the same line card. This card uses TDM technology (TDM – Time Division Multiplexing, also called time multiplex) to combine up to 8 independent client data streams and the related protocols, time-delayed, into one single channel with a greater bandwidth (OC-48 framing, 2488 Mbps).

Supported protocols:

  • Fast Ethernet, FDDI, STM-1/OC-3, ESCON, FC-4, Digital Video SDI