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YUMIX TDM2/2.5G | 2 x Gb Multiplexer Card

YUMIX TDM2_2.5G_1106 

TDM2/2.5G modules combine two incoming client signals (FC/FC, FC/GbE, GbE/GbE) into one line channel by means of time division multiplexing. This channel can either be forwarded to the backplane or sent optically to the WDM filter card.

Client Interfaces:

  • SFP Transceivers
  • Operating data rate: Fiber Channel/Gigabit Ethernet (1062.5/1250 Mbps)

Line Interfaces:

  • Discrete
  • Wavelength: 1310 - 1610 nm (acc. to ITU-T 694.2)
  • Operating data rate: 2488 Mbps (OC-48 framing)

Examples of Applications:

YUMIX TDM2_2.5G Diagram_1106