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YUMIX 4000E | 16-channel Enterprise Optical xWDM System

The YUMIX 4000E is a channel Enterprise Optical xWDM system designed for the enterprise and access market. With this platform you can ”pay-as-you-grow”. The YUMIX 4000E offers protocol transparent transmission, any topology and future proof hardware all in one box.

  • Client interfaces @1310 nm, 850 nm, with fiberoptic SFP transceivers
  • Line interfaces from 8 Mbps -2.7 Gbps discrete or SFP interfaces
  • 8 x Any TDM module combining a mix of up to 4 client signals (30 Mbps - 270 Mbps)
  • 10 Gbps transponders
  • Optional 32 x cross connect
  • Network Management for point-to-point, star, ring, or mesh configuration

YUMIX 4000E_1106