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YUMIX Series

Optical Transport for Enterprise Networks

YUMIX is well suited for satisfying the low cost and medium capacity requirement of enterprise networks, creating or expanding a storage area network (SAN) or connecting it to existing networks, enhancing the speed and capacity of data transmission lines between company offices, as well as creating virtual private networks (VPN).

The YUMIX hardware platform integrates WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing), TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) and cross-connect, combined with intelligent network management. The core of the hardware consists of a cross-connect, which is integrated with a WDM system in one housing. Since the optical WDM interfaces transmit data at any rate between 8 Mbps and 2.7 Gbps, and also 10 Gbps, the network provider gains complete freedom with respect to the applications to be transmitted: hardware which is used for fast Ethernet today, for example, may be used tomorrow for fibre channel. 

Through the integration of a cross-connect, individual applications can be rerouted to at least 20 random neighboring nodes, as required – this allows multiple redundancies with any kind of network topology and with optimum resource management. In this way, extremely high flexibility is achieved in the physical layer. Besides this redundancy, which is inherent in mesh networks, all levels of hardware redundancy are also available:
card, chassis, rack, channel and line protection.

The cross-connect is implemented at a reasonable price in the YUMIX range of products, which was specially designed for the operation of mesh networks. Devices designed specially for mesh networks increase the flexibility of existing network structures and reduce the original costs for system hardware. Compared to the mirroring of networks on a ring-type structure, which is very common on the market, equipment for mesh networks allows savings of up to 70 percent in assemblies.

YUMIX provides a powerful platform for setting up intelligent optical networks and the demand-oriented expansion of existing capacities in the transport sector. The individual members of the YUMIX family are characterized not only by the integration of the essential components of modern networks such as TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) and WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing), but also by sophisticated network management and element management systems that enable full use of the technical potential of the DWDM and CWDM technologies.

The numerous functions of the sophisticated network management of YUMIX systems optimize the running operations of optical networks. Automatic service calls guarantee immediate notification to the network provider and thus ensure minimum downtimes in the event of a fault.

System Overview
The YUMIX family combines the benefits of DWDM, CWDM, TDM and Cross Connect into a single platform. The YUMIX product family consists of:

YUMIX 4000E | 16-channel Enterprise Optical xWDM System
YUMIX 400 | 8-channel Optical xWDM System
YUMIX 100 | 1U low cost Optical CWDM System
YUMIX MS1025 | SmartGAIN Optical Fiber Amplifier
YUMIX FX-H | Multi-data Rate Fiber Optic Repeater
YUMIX OS-I | Intelligent Fiber Optic Switch