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COP-FE | E1/T1 over Fast Ethernet

TDM Copper or Fiber Multiplexer for Ethernet, IP, MPLS or VLAN 

Product Specifications:

  • Protocol transparent data transmission for E1/T1
  • Data rates: 4 x E1/T1 (2.048/1.544 Mbps) plus 2 x 10/100BaseTx
  • Supports fractional (n x 64 kbps) and grooming services
  • External reference clock port
  • Increase the number of interfaces by cascading COP-FEs
  • Redundant copper or fiber optic interface on the line site, supporting several wavelengths
  • Management features like SNMP, Telnet & web-based GUI
  • Cost-effective extension of four traditional E1/T1 data interfaces plus two Ethernet interfaces over Packed Switched Networks (PSN)
  • Optimized use of packet based infrastructure
  • Supports Ethernet, IP, MPLS, VLAN and double VLAN tagging
  • Efficient use of existing bandwidth for legacy data via less expensive PSN
  • Enables Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint applications
  • Supports QoS on different layers depending on the PSN type
  • Superior clock recovery