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MACS Platform

System for Compact, Flexible, Cost Effective Access Networks


MACS Platform_1106

The universal MACS platform enables the user to create his/her own Multi Access Connectivity System by using different plug-in cards within Ethernet, TDMoIP solutions as well as with MACS compatible converters and modems.

2 types of rack packagings are available, besides the small form factor stand-alone housing: Rack and 6U Rack.

3U 19” rack can host up to 10 times 3U cards, plus 2 power supply slots and 1 management card slot. For cards, please refer to ETC, OMF, CMG, CCF products.
6U 19” rack can host up to 24 times 3U cards, or a mixture of and 6U cards. For 6U cards, please refer to COP, INV products.

User can easily integrate the MACS system to a higher level network management, using standard based SNMP, or web based graphic user interface “MACS View”.

In-band Management - Best of Know-How
While other vendors may require LAN access or optical supervisory channel in order to manage remotely located equipment, MACS system offers In-Band Remote Management without the need for LAN access or optical supervisory channels. In-Band management is achieved through carrying management information based on IP forwarding. This allows to monitor and to supervise the remote equipment, which is especially useful for the equipment located at customer premises.

Integrated access system with standard based network element management, located at central office or POP (point-of-presence) using racks, and stand-alone small chassis at customer premisis.

Management Card Options
 - Full functional management card SC-MC, which can be used as master when there are several other MACS system to be controlled
 - Sub-agent management card SC-SC, which is a low cost alternative when up to 9 MACS systems are cascaded

Power Supply
AC or DC Single or Dual/Redundant

Remote Contact Alarm
Order RA-ALARM if remote contact alarms are required. Relay contacts will indicate alarm status for up to three types of alarms: line, power failure and management alarm. Additionally, these alarms are displayed via different LEDs.

Fan Module
Fan module is recommended when total power consumption of MACs system exceeds 60W. For order matrix, please refer to page RA-U/RA-HD.

MACS Platform Diagram_1106