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Products ATM Muxes & Channel Banks PDH/SDH/SONET Multiplexers INV-MUX-E 4-channel to 8-channel E1/T1 Inverse Multiplexer
INV-MUX-E | 4-channel Fast Ethernet to 8-channel E1/T1 Inverse Multiplexer

Inverse Multiplexer for PDH/SDH Networks and WAN-IP Switch with routing functionalities 

INV-MUX-E Inverse Multiplexer_1106 

Product Specifications:

  • Four Layer-2-Switched Fast Ethernet Ports with VLAN-Support
  • Eight E1/T1 Links (Bridged or IP-Routed) with up to 248 logical channels
  • Inverse Multiplexing using Multilink-PPP Bridging via one logical link
  • IP routing with RIP, RIPv2 and OSPF over multiple logical links
  • IP filter for firewall support, IP accounting, Authentication (PAP, CHAP, RADIUS)
  • Inverse Multiplexer for PDH/SDH networks
  • Subscriber link with flexible bandwidth allocation
  • Access concentrator for network connections
  • Four E1/T1 Links, bridged or IP-routed
  • Can be used as an IP-Router

INV-MUX-E Inverse Multiplexer Diagram_1106