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OptiSky SDH/SONET Multiplexer

The OptiSky is a multiservice access platform for customer premises, street-side cabinets and central offices.  It is a unique “data-aware” SDH multiplexer with Layer 2 switching intelligence that functions as an STM-1/OC-3 add/drop multiplexer or terminal multiplexer that provides both TDM and 10/100BaseT Ethernet services.  It delivers carrier-class Ethernet services over SDH including transparent LAN services and shared LAN services as well as TDM services.

The OptiSky’s scalable architecture effectively expands optical SDH networks, allowing operators to provide new services and tailor solutions for the needs of medium and large enterprises.

The OptiSky is managed by an open management system, which integrates into operators’ existing systems.

  • Plug-in interfaces      
    • 21E1/DS1 + 6x10/100BaseT      
    • 3E3/DS3+14E1/DS1+6x10/100BaseT
  • Line interfaces: Electrical, Optical       
  • Integrated voice and Ethernet ADM (n x VC-12/VC-3 Virtual Concatenation)      
  • Ethernet packets mapping over HDLC or GFP      
  • Advanced traffic management protocols (LCAS, GFP)      
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation - LCAS      
  • Ethernet switch, allocates traffic on the basis of MAC address, with automatic address learning, aging and migration.      
  • VLAN - IEEE 802.1q      
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control      
  • IEEE 802.1p with insertion/removal of priority-tagged frame’s header