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WALKair 1000

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WALKair is a Point-to-Multi-Point (PMP) broadband wireless access system that enables telecom operators to easily and cost-effectively connect SME business subscribers in last-mile urban and suburban areas to their network. WALKair utilizes dynamic bandwidth allocation to maximize bandwidth capacity and facilitates the widest range of differentiated high-speed data and voice services at the lowest cost to customers. Multi-frequency band support, large-capacity base stations and multi-service support make WALKair the wireless access solution of choice for new competitive carriers and incumbents seeking diversification. 

WALKair 1000 Highlights:

  • Carrier class system with high level of reliability of equipment and service   
  • Multi service offering IP, frame relay, E1 and fractional E1, V.35, POTS, ISDN   
  • WALKair supports all commonly allocated bands in Europe, Latin America and Asia: 3.5 GHz, 10.5 GHz and 26 GHz.   
  • Enables carriers to provide SMEs with always-on broadband Internet / Intranet / VPN / LAN Interconnect Access as well as VoIP, Legacy Telephony, Data Network Access, Video Conferencing, ASP services, web hosting and E-commerce.   
  • Each base station provides a coverage area of 10 Km in a 360 radius at the 3.5 GHz and 10 GHz frequencies. Bandwidth allocation can be subdivided according to need, enabling high-performance support of up to hundreds of terminal stations (located at customer sites) from a single base station.   
  • IP Quality-of-Service and fiber-optic quality voice and data enable carriers to offer highly differentiated and flexible provisioning of IP services.   
  • Supporting 1000s of POTS lines per base stations, with V5.2 connectivity to the operators telephony switch. 4-64 POTS lines per terminal   
  • Low initial infrastructure investment a multi-carrier approach from the base station reduces the number of terminal station outdoor units and minimizes the new carriers initial investment.

Customer Premises Equipment

WALKair 1000 Customer Equipment_0904

Terminal Station
Comprised of an indoor unit (BU) and an outdoor unit, the Terminal Station is typically installed at the customer site. The TS interfaces between the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and the designated BS providing a wide range of interfaces to the customer. 

Terminal Station-Base Unit (TS-BU)
The TS-BU interfaces between the CPE and the WALKair TS RFU/Antenna, using the TDMA protocol to handle traffic to and from the BS. Supporting up to three interface cards, the TS-BU delivers a wide range of advanced voice and data services. The TS-BU is connected to the TS RFU/Antenna via a single coaxial cable, and can be easily mounted in a rack or on the wall, or fit conveniently on a desk. Once the IF signal reaches the RFU, it is converted to RF. Each BU contains up to three telecom interfaces, such as E1, V35/X21, Ethernet10/100BaseTand ISDN-BRI, providing diverse voice and data services. The interface cards are installed on daughter boards, enabling maximum flexibility. 

Each BU contains an LCI port to be used by the local craft terminal for installation and maintenance purposes. 

The TS is powered either by a DC standard source (48V) or an AC source to the Indoor Unit.

Base Station Equipment

WALKair 1000 Base Station_0904

Base Station
Through dual polarization, the WALKair 1000 Base Station delivers a capacity of up to 256 Mbps at 2x28 MHz allocation. The BS component of the WALKair system is located at the center of the cell linking the backbone and multiple WALKair Terminal Stations via E1 interfaces. The BS fits conveniently in standard ETSI and 19" racks. 

Base Unit
Connecting the backbone and IF Mux of the BS, the Base Station –Base Unit leverages FDD duplexing for different Tx and Rx frequencies, while employing TDMA to handle traffic from up to 16 Terminal Stations. Topologies consisting of multiple BS-BUs enable the deployment of a multiple carrier scheme, providing each carrier with a 1.75 MHz slice of the spectrum. The main building blocks of the BU are: the modem, the telecom interface cards and the IF module. Each BU converts the IF signals to telecom voice/data. Each BU contains up to three telecom interfaces, such as E1, V35/X21, Ethernet10/100BaseTand ISDN-BRI, providing diverse voice and data services. The interface cards are installed on daughter boards, enabling maximum flexibility. 

IF Mux
The IF Mux multiplexes the Tx signals from the BS-BUs and combines the output signal with a 48V DC power supply. The IF signal is sent to the RFU, located near the Antenna, via a coaxial cable, applying the reverse process for Rx signals. The IF Mux interfaces between the RFU and the BS-BUs and can connect to up to 16 BS-BUs via the SMA ports. 

The RFU interfaces between the IF Mux and the Antenna. The RFU converts the IF signal, received from the IF Mux, to an RF signal. The signal is then amplified for transmission via the Antenna. The RFU is connected to the IF Mux and Antenna with a single coaxial cable. 

Access Point
WALKair 1000 features a single Wireless Access Point that combines all business communication services, including Internet, VPN, Leased Line, Ethernet, Frame Relay, POTS and ISDN.

Download the WALKair 1000 data sheet - PDF Version