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Wireless Telephony & DSL Solution

The eMGW is a cost effective, rapidly deployable, point to multipoint FWA system that provides optimal data and voice services for both residential and small business users in urban, suburban and rural environments.

The eMGW is the optimal price / performance FWA system for operators who need to:

  • Provide coverage to subscribers in green fields   
  • Upgrade existing networks with advanced data services   
  • Provide DSL services in low and medium subscriber density areas   
  • Provide voice services in sparse rural areas 

The eMGW utilizes state-of-the-art hybrid transmission technology to uniquely combine packet switching for fast data services that maximizes the use of valuable spectrum resources and circuit switching for toll quality voice to guarantee Quality of Service and Grade of Service. This 'hybrid switching' concept provides the ideal solution for the economic and technological challenges facing network operators today.

The eMGW operates in a broad range of licensed and unlicensed (ISM) frequency bands (1.5-5.7GHz). 

Multiple Services

  • Always-on fast Internet access         
  • LAN to LAN connection over IP-VPN         
  • Toll quality voice telephony         
  • Fax (G3) and V.92 modem        

Wide Variety of Market Segments

  • Residential          
  • SOHO          
  • Home workers / telecommuters          
  • branch offices / plants          
  • Office networks

Economic Benefits

  • Low initial investment costs or reduced capital requirements          
  • Cost effective solution for rural, suburban and urban applications          
  • Modular and scaleable design for cost efficient network expansion based on subscriber demand          
  • Fast and simple installation of base station and CPE enables fast time to market and rapid ROI

Customer Premises Equipment:

eFAU - Outdoor Subscriber Terminal 1005

eFAU - Outdoor Subscriber Terminal

A small and lightweight subscriber unit with a built-in antenna. The eFAU supports POTS and Ethernet.

We offer a variety of eFAU models to fit a range of applications:

  • Wireless telephony:  

    • eFAU-1,2,4 - one, two or four independent telephone lines services (POTS) . Support toll quality voice, fax (G3) and dial-up modem.     
    • eFAU 1P,2P,4P - one, two or four public telephone lines supporting payphone signaling. 
  • Wireless DSL & Telephony: 

    • eFAU-E - one Ethernet port     
    • eFAU-1E,2E,4E - one Ethernet port + one, two or four independent telephone lines. Support simultaneous high-speed data and telephony services 

ePCU - Indoor Subscriber Interface 1005

ePCU - Indoor Subscriber Interface

A compact wall-mounted unit provides power and battery backup for the eFAU. The ePCU serves as the connection box for both telephony and data equipment.

Base Station Equipment:

eRPC - Outdoor Base Station Radio 1005

eRPC - Outdoor Base Station Radio

Simple-to-install, self-contained and easily connected via standard twisted pairs. The eRPC is collocated with eRPCU and has a built-in 60° or 120° sectorized antenna. A single base station can support up to 80 co-located eRPCs, achieving a total air payload up to 80 Mbps.

eRPR - Remote Outdoor Base Station Radio 1005

eRPR - Remote Outdoor Base Station Radio

The eRPR is remotely located for low-density cells enabling a complete outdoor low cost base station solution that can be powered from a solar panel. The eRPR can be remotely located using self-backhaul components or 3rd party backhaul equipment.

eBBU_eBRU- Self Backhauling Units 1005

eBBU/eBRU- Self Backhauling Units

A low cost self-backhaul solution for locating the eRPR in sparse rural areas. This complete outdoor solution is comprised of two units: eBBU and eBRU. eBBU is collocated with eRPCU and creates a wireless link with eBRU which is collocated with eRPR in the remote cell.

Management and Control:

IMS - Management and Control for eMGW 1005







IMS - Complete Management and Control for the eMGW

Both ITU & TMN compliant, the IMS has a hierarchical and scaleable infrastructure that provides multi-level, Windows compatible, Fault, Configuration, Performance and Security management. The IMS's intuitive and easy to use standard Windows GUI gives operators full control over day to day management as well as a full range of statistical reports for system monitoring and long term planning. In addition, the IMS uses standard connections to external Manager of Managers (MOM) applications.

Network Planning Tool:

Network Planning Tool 1005







Provides propagation modeling, traffic analysis, interference analysis, frequency planning and system sizing. Together with the extensive deployment experience, the planning tool generates optimized network plans that minimize infrastructure costs.

Download the eMGW data sheet - PDF Version