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Low Cost Toll Quality Telephony

The MultiGain Wireless (MGW) solution answers the escalating demand for telecommunications services worldwide. Utilizing radio links instead of copper lines to bridge the last mile, MGW enables rapid deployment of quality services to your residential or SOHO customers. With a minimal initial investment, telecom operators can implement toll quality voice, high-speed Voice Band Data (VBD) and ISDN-BRI according to subscriber demand. The system grows as your demand grows - making the MGW especially well suited for both new operators entering the market or incumbents where copper infrastructure is already saturated or is difficult to install (e.g. new housing areas, historical sites or temporary installations.

The MGW is a Point-to-Multipoint Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) system based on field proven Frequency Hopping-CDMA technology. The MGW ensures the optimal utilization of your available spectrum and minimum interference regardless of topography. In urban, suburban and rural environments, the MGW provides a reliable, cost-effective and quality solution that starts working immediately.

Economic Benefits

  • Low initial investment costs or reduced capital requirements        
  • Cost effective solution for rural, suburban and urban applications        
  • Modular and scaleable design for cost efficient network expansion based on subscriber demand        
  • Fast and simple installation of base station and CPE enables fast time to market and rapid ROI

Technical Benefits

  • Toll quality voice, high-speed VBD 56Kbps(V.92) and ISDN-BRI services        
  • Low initial set-up investment        
  • Modular and scalable system design for cost-efficient deployment        
  • Wide variety of subscriber units available        
  • Long distance radio coverage (over 25 km)        
  • Wide range of frequency bands supported (800MHz - 3.8GHz)        
  • Most efficient use of available spectrum        
  • Support of standard analog and digital network interfaces to the Local Exchange (LE)        
  • Integrated and powerful network planning tool optimized for FWA        
  • Multilevel, easy-to-use network management system

xMAP MGW Network Management Tool
The xMAP is a suite of comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) network management tools enabling easy management of the MGW system. Integrated into the MGW, xMAP provides user-friendly tools that support a wide range of network management applications. TNM-compliant, xMAP covers all FWA network management functions: 

  • Configuration Management - creation, configuration and provisioning of all Network Elements (NEs)        
  • Maintenance (Fault) Management - alarm surveillance, fault localization and testing of the Network Elements        
  • Performance Management - performance and traffic monitoring        
  • Security Management - security and authentication for operator and subscriber 

The MGW network management system enables local and remote management and control of all network levels: from managing personnel access and individual system components to managing office, regional and national levels.

xMAP Architecture
xMAP's comprehensive O&M tools offer a wide range of management and control coverage - from networks comprised of a single Network Element (NE) up to nationwide Network Management Systems (NMS). These NMS systems can interface with the operator's main management system over an SNMP industry-standard interface. Connection to the NEs is achieved via X.25 or via TCP/IP private or public data networks.

Download the MGW data sheet - PDF Version