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Libra 3000

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The LIBRA family unleashes the power of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) to fixed wireless access with the patented W-OFDM technology. Operating in either the licensed 3.5GHz or unlicensed 5.8GHz frequency band, LIBRA is our 3rd generation W-OFDM product line and has been deployed in over 30 countries worldwide.

For competitive carriers and large service providers, Libra 3000 series field proven Non-Line of Sight performance ensures that better service is available to more customers at a lower cost than traditional wireless solutions. 


  • Reduced customer acquisition costs               
  • Faster deployment               
  • Greater Coverage               
  • Proven Reliability 


  • 3.5GHz Licensed Band               
  • Proven W-OFDM Powered NLOS performance               
  • Up to 192 Mbps per cell site               
  • Up to 12000 users per cell site               
  • Robust Integrated CPE               
  • High Spectral Efficiency


  • Incumbent Telcos extending their quality voice and internet access services               
  • Competitive Telcos seeking rapid entry into new markets               
  • Large Scale, City, regional or nationwide coverage 

Libra 3000
Technology W-OFDM
Target market Telcos/Urban ISP’s 
Radio spectrum3.5 GHz Licensed / 5.8 GHz License-exempt
Spectral efficiency3+ bits / sec/ Hz
Coverage Excellent NLOS 
Network TopologiesPoint-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint
ThroughputUp to 192 Mbps per cell
Range Up to 40 km / Up to 66 km
Base station capacity2,047 CPE’s 

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