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BreezeACCESS™ Management

BreezeMANAGE enables service providers to manage their BreezeACCESS network more effectively, from workgroups to individual network components, as customized SNMP agents in our graphical BreezeMANAGE network management solution is comprised of a powerful set of tools for configuring, controlling, monitoring and effectively managing BreezeACCESS based broadband wireless access networks. With a versatile graphics-based user interface, BreezeMANAGE presents a comprehensive view of the BreezeACCESS network, providing the visibility you need to monitor and control traffic and configuration parameters from a single location.

BreezeMANAGE makes it easy to enable and disable parts of the network, set policies for fault detection and corrective action, and monitor network traffic, without having to physically inspect BreezeACCESS units, wiring closets, network centers or remote offices. Service providers benefit from an end-to-end management approach, and enjoy ease of configuration, simplified troubleshooting and superior network performance, all from a single, central network management station. 


BreezeMANAGE is SNMP-based, and runs on either HP OpenView or Castle Rock Computing’s SNMPc Network Management Platform for Windows. 

  • End-to-end network management
    Manage all BreezeACCESS network components from a single management station.
  • Easy to use
    With a familiar Windows or HP OpenView based interface, BreezeMANAGE functions are just a mouse click away.
  • Standards based
    BreezeMANAGE is compliant with SNMP, RMON, NetWare (ODI) and NDIS drivers, as well as TCP/IP protocols. MIB-II (RFC1213), BRIDGE-MIB (RFC1286), Private MIB and BreezeACCESS Private MIB are all supported.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and analysis
    View BreezeACCESS component configuration parameters and performance statistics, and receive status reports and potential fault warnings. Remote activation of component performance tests is also supported.
  • Flexible management views
    A simple point-and-click graphical user interface provides easy access to network views of any detail. Both detailed network topology maps, as well as individual BreezeACCESS devices may be observed on demand.
  • Effortless Device Configuration
    Use the BreezeACCESS Configuration Utility to modify configuration parameters. Update BreezeACCESS component firmware software with a click of a button, over the wireless network.   

    BreezeACCESS SNMPc Management Application