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AlvariBaseTM is the new and revolutionary Base Station concept. This new Base Station is able to cover, the whole range of Broadband Wireless Access customer segments from a single cell located on a single roof. 

While operators often begin their business by addressing a subset of the available market, with a selected service offering, market conditions often demand an extension of the existing customer base and capabilities. Operators need to ensure that the Broadband Wireless Access solution they choose is flexible enough in cost and functionality to enable a shift or expansion into additional target markets and offered services. 

The AlvariBaseTM solution is the ideal point-to-multipoint broadband wireless base station offering high-bandwidth IP-based services, carrier class data and voice solutions. 

AlvariBaseTM system is based on two of the most successful products in the Broadband Wireless market, WALKair 1000 and BreezeACCESS XL. Featuring the same mature rich-feature set as the well-established and highly successful WALKair and BreezeACCESS products. 

The AlvariBaseTM system is released to the market after performing beta trials in live wireless networks where the system has successfully demonstrated its powerful added value to the operator’s business case. 

AlvariBase Highlights

  • High-speed Internet access     
  • Extensive product portfolio coupled with rich and mature feature set     
  • Leased-line connectivity     
  • Frame-relay services     
  • V5.1 and V5.2 Telephony, PBX Private Networks, VoIP & Legacy TDM Telephony     
  • Multiple interfaces - E1, X21/V35, Ethernet, POTS, ISDN – QBRI 

Customer Premises Equipment

WALKair Terminal Station (TS)

WALKair terminal stations connect customer networks to the base station and, subsequently, to the service provider networks. A TS consists of a base unit and an integrated RFU and antenna subsystem. These are connected via an intermediate frequency (IF) interface, using a coaxial cable. The WALKair terminal presents up to three interfaces to the customer network, providing up to 4Mbits/sec of voice and data services. The interfaces may be E1, V35/X21, Ethernet, Quad BRI and POTS. The TS-BU has a serial port for local craft interface (LCI). 

BreezeACCESS Subscriber Units

The Subscriber Unit (SU), installed at the customer premises, provides data and telephony connectivity at rates of up to 3 Mbits/sec. The data connection is a standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet 10BaseT (RJ 45) interface, and the voice connection is a standard (RJ 11) Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) interface. Telephony is implemented using the ITU-T H.323 standard Voice over IP protocol. The unit supports PSTN routed, private network routed or global IP dialing modes. The BreezeACCESS system is optimized to support both Data and Voice traffic, using ACSE (Adaptive Circuit Switched Emulation), providing scheduled priority to voice services, in order to provide high quality and efficiency to subscribers. VoIP and data services priorities are supported through IEEE 802.1p Class of Service and ToS bits to maintain priority throughout the network and backbone.

Base Station Equipment

One of the greatest strengths of the AlvariBaseTM system is the fact that it integrates the services and qualities of the BreezeACCESS XL and WALKair 1000 systems. 

Outdoor Equipment

WALKair Sector Antenna
The antenna is a sector type. It covers an angular area at 90o, 60o or 45o. Several sector antennas (4, 6 or 8), each with its own RFU, may cover a whole service area (cell). Each sector antenna is connected to an RFU through an RF Coaxial Cable 

The RFU converts the IF to RF, amplifies the signal to its right level and transmits it through the antenna. It is mounted near the antenna. The RFU is connected to the indoor equipment via a single coax cable. The RFU is capable of transmitting and receiving up to 8 different combined carriers, the total transmitted power per RFU when using both systems is 27 dBm. 

Indoor Equipment 

The IF-MUX combines the IF signals from and to the various BUs and AUs and 48VDC into a -single coax cable that goes up to the rooftop, where the RF and antenna subsystems are located. Up to 8 BUs and AUs may operate together combined by the same IF-MUX. 

The BS-BU connects a specific WALKair carrier to the backbone through one ore more out of the three existing interfaces, V35/X21, E1 or Ethernet. The network interfaces of the BS-BU are: E1, E1-FR, V35/x.21, V35/X21 – FR and Ethernet Port. 

Each BU contains an Ethernet port for Network Management purposes and a serial LCI port for local craft terminal. 

Base Station Shelf and the BS-PS Base Station Power Supply module. The BS-SH is a 3U shelf suitable for installation in 19” racks or for desktop mounting. The BS-SH can house up to six active BS-AU Access Unit modules and one or two BS-PS Power Supply modules. Two additional slots can be used to accommodate spare BS-AU modules, or can be used for future use by other modules. The BS-PS is powered from a -48 VDC power source. Power supply redundancy is supported through the optional use of a second BS-PS module. 

The AU connects a specific BreezeACCESS carrier to the backbone through its 10BaseT Ethernet port.

The network interface of the AU is a 10BaseT connector. Management of AU is done in-band through TELNET protocol or SNMP The AU units are installed vertically inside the BS-SH.

Download the AlvariBase data sheet - PDF Version