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With the BreezeACCESS RG, Operators and wireless service providers can provide subscribers with a number of broadband services transparently. Built-in telephony and Internet access provide a base for further services such as Video on Demand (VoD) or Telemetrics. With the BreezeACCESS RG, Operators and service providers can create new revenues by bundling features such as telephony (Voice over IP) and high speed Internet to end users.

High Quality IP Telephony Over Wireless Networks

Priority mechanisms, on both the Ethernet and IP level, enable BreezeACCESS RG to deliver carrier grade voice quality, using either narrow or wideband speech CODECs. Supporting G3 fax and Class 5 services, such as 3-party conference calls and call waiting, external Class 5 services, provided by the Operator's telephony system, can be easily activated and deactivated. 

Always-on Broadband Access with Peace of Mind

Network security is a major concern with always-on broadband connections. Offering peace of mind and security, the PipeLock™, which features a built-in packet filter, enables users to simply disconnect and connect all traffic between the network and the computer, without affecting the telephone service. 

By combining BreezeACCESS system together with the BreezeACCESS RG, operators can rapidly deploy carrier grade telephony services and Broadband Internet access to areas that cannot be covered by standard copper wiring infrastructure. BreezeACCESS RG Product Highlights
BreezeACCESS RG contains numerous features and benefits, including: 

  • Two standard telephony interfaces (POTS)     
  • Support for Class 5 telephony services, such as call waiting, 3-party conference call     
  • Plug & Play operation (with BA-RG Element Manager)     
  • Authentication of BA-RG before providing voice services     
  • Light firewall and VLAN filtering     
  • Standard 14.4 Kbps G3 fax over T.38 protocol support     
  • QoS support for voice and data applications     
  • Remote management of multiple units     
  • PipeLock™ for enhanced, simple user security     
  • Full compatibility with BreezeACCESS, BreezeNET Pro.11 and BreezeNET DS.11  

    Download the BreezeACCESS RG data sheet - PDF Version