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VIP 110-24

VIP 110-24_0904

VIP 110-24 features the patented wireless VINE technology that overcomes non-line-of-sight obstacles and minimizes initial up-front costs of developing networks. Operating in the unlicensed 2.4GHz frequency band, VIP 110-24 sets the standard in anypoint-to-multipoint broadband wireless networking.  

The patented VINE technology is an advanced networking topology that overcomes the line-of-sight obstacles and minimizes costs of deploying networks.


  • Overcomes NLOS problems     
  • Lower Capital Costs     
  • Lower Operational Costs     
  • Improved Services and Revenues 


  • VINE Technology     
  • Up to 500 Nodes per network     
  • 2.4 – 2.5 GHz Band     
  • > 44 Mbps per cell site     
  • Quality of Service 


  • WISP - Internet access and hotspot backhaul     
  • Enterprises - building-to-building link and remote office connectivity     
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

 VIP 110/24 
Technology VINE / DSSS
Target market Enterprise / ISP’s
Radio spectrum2.4 GHz License-exempt
Spectral efficiencyN/A
Coverage Structured NLOS
Network TopologiesVINE, Point-to-Anypoint
ThroughputUp to 66 Mbps per cell
Range Up to 60 km
Base station capacity500 nodes

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