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Ultima 3


Ultima3 product family for the 5.8GHz frequency band includes Rapid Deployment (RD) and Extended Range (ER) radios for point-to-point applications, and Multi-Point (MP) radios for point-to-multipoint applications, giving your network the flexibility to grow with your business. Ultima3 uses the patented MC-DSSS (multi-code direct sequence spread spectrum) technology. MC-DSSS is a spectrally efficient modulation technique that offers improvements in terms of data rates, reliability, costs and security.  

AWE 120-58 Ultima3 is the only complete solution giving your network the power of broadband with the freedom of wireless.


  • Secure networks     
  • Fast ROI     
  • Quick deployment     
  • High reliability     
  • Long range 


  • 5.8 GHz ISM Band     
  • Integrated rugged design     
  • Solid security     
  • Efficient bandwidth allocation     
  • Dynamic power control     
  • Built-in MBR/CIR     
  • VLAN compliance 


  • Telcos - voice/data backhaul and internet access     
  • WISP - Internet access and hotspot backhaul     
  • Enterprises - building-to-building link and remote office connectivity     
  • MUSH - campus network 

 Ultima 3
Technology MC-DSSS
Target market Enterprise / ISP’s 
Radio spectrum5.8 GHz License-exempt
Spectral efficiency1/3 bits / sec/ Hz
Coverage Line-of-sight 
Network TopologiesPoint-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint
ThroughputUp to 72 Mbps per cell
Range Up to 75 km
Base station capacity1,000 CPE's 

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