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Products FlightMux UFM 100 Technical Specifications


Interface: Multimode fiber 1310 nm wavelength

Connector: Standard duplex SC receptacle

Data Rage: 155 Mbps

Range: 2 km


LAN Interface: Standard IEEE 802.3

Connection Type: Auto-negotiation 10/100 Mbps, /half/full duplex

Cable: Auto switching between

  • MDI straight cable connection            
  • MDIX cross-over cable connection

T1/E1 Channels: 1, 2, 3 or 4

Pulse Shape Mask: Standard T1/E1 mask and adjustable

Line Build Out: 0 to 600 feet, short haul and long haul selectable


  • T1 – 100 ohm twisted pair            
  • B87S or AMI line code            
  • E1 – 75 ohm BNC, 120 ohm twisted pair            
  • HDBS or AMI line code

Meets All T1/E1 Specifications: ANSI T1.403-1999, ANSI T1.408, AT&T TR 62411, ITU G.703, G.704, G.706, G.736, G.775, G.823, I.431, O.151, O.161, ETSI ETS 300 166, JTG.703, JTI 431, JJ-20.1, TBR2, TBR13, and CTR4


Connection: RS-232 serial port, DB-9 connecter

Console Access: Command interface using standard terminal, such as HyperTerminal

Remote Access: All commands can be issued to remote unit from local unit

Additional channels: In field, using public key and private key match

MuxManager Software: Windows application manages the status and control of both local and remote multiplexers

Diagnostics: Local & Remote T1/E1 loop back per channel and per Multiplexer system 

Status Indicators 

Power: On/Off

System Link: Activity from remote unit

System Frame Sync: Synchronized with remote unit

Ethernet Link: Valid link integrity pulses

Ethernet Activity: Transmit, receive, polarity reversal, jabber packet

Four T1/E1 Links: Valid T1/E1 signal

Four T1/E1 Remote Links: Valid remote unit T1/E1 signal


Voltage: 5.0V

Current: 1.6A

Power Adapter: 8 Watts, 5V @ 1.6A, 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, adapter included


Width: 6 ¼”

Height: 2 ½”

Depth: 10 ¼”


Operational Temperature: 0° to 70° Celsius

Humidity: 0% to 95% non-condensing