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The standard encryption found in most wireless products falls short when it comes to addressing the requirements (sending classified or sensitive information) of military and government users. The AirPair systems are highly resistant to data intercept and decoding. AirPair includes a number of imbedded security aspects such as: 

  • Directional point-to-point communication   
  • Narrow beam width   
  • Bit-level data stream with AirPair synchronization and framing   
  • AirPair authentication   
  • Third-party TACLANE Encryption 

AirPair has been certified to support General Dynamics TACLANE encryption devices since 2004. The AirPair has been tested for inter-working and interoperability with:

  • TACLANE-Classic (10 Mbps half duplex Ethernet)   
  • TACLANE-E100 (160 Mbps for E100 half/full duplex Ethernet)   
  • Sectéra® INE 

The TACLANE and Sectéra® INE equipment have been determined to be fully compatible with AirPair. AirPair introduced no perceived or measured performance reductions in any of the attributes of the above encryption systems and maintained the customers Committed Information Rates (CIR).