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AirPair High Power

AirPair High Power provides industry leading reach capabilities extending wireless distances to 50 Km, while enabling high capacity native Ethernet transport. AirPair High-Power enables the highest system gain for high capacity licensed native Ethernet bandwidth solutions on the market. AirPair High Power provides in-service Ethernet and TDM upgradeability from 10 Mbps to 200 Mbps committed full duplex data rates.

The AirPair High Power option is available on all AirPair variants (AirPair 50, 100, 170/200 and Flex), providing reach extensions to an industry leading Ethernet platform. AirPair High Power enables up to 30% increased reach over the existing AirPair platform while maintaining the native Gigabit Ethernet interface, and unmatched wireless bandwidths. Additionally, AirPair High Power will be deployed to improve link availability or enable reduced antenna sizes in real estate sensitive metro markets.