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MSH Market 

There is currently a large amount of activity in the MSH market place, in an attempt to install new infrastructure to address new applications and communications requirements. This is being driven both through Government funding (such as E-Rate), as well as through increased IT demands. Projects range from Municipality connectivity such as City Hall to satellite locations, to Emergency Service Networks, Inter-Hospital communication, and School Board build outs. To facilitate these deployments, the AirPair provides an ultra low latency, high availability, native Ethernet solution with scalability from 10 Mbps to 200 Mbps. The AirPair product has licensed options where predictability and availability are important drivers. Additionally, AirPair has an unlicensed option in the relatively low ¬°Vinterference 24 GHz unlicensed band. The AirPair product also provides support for legacy services with T1/E1 interface options. For high availability deployments, AirPair is available in a mesh configuration. The AirPair flex provides a low capacity solution of 10 Mbps with scalability from 10 Mbps to 200 Mbps remotely via software upgrades, allowing CAPEX to scale with end-user requirements.

The inherently low latency performance of the product ensures that in multi hop network architecture, customers located on the outer edge of the service area are not negatively affected by accumulated latency. With the increased demand for high value packet voice solutions AirPair natively support an 802.1p multi queue base packet prioritization mechanism ensuring that systems optioned at speeds below 100 Mbps delivers differentiated service over the radio path.

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Typical MSH Applications include:

  • City Administration Office Connectivity (City Hall to satellite offices)    
  • Police Station Connectivity    
  • Fire Station Communication Infrastructure    
  • School Board Broadband Connectivity    
  • Hospital Connectivity 

Solution Features


  • Native Ethernet Platform well-suited for next-generation IP-services deployments    
  • T1/E1 service support for legacy TDM services    
  • Remote, Simple Scalability up to 200 Mbps using AirPair Flex    
  • Interference-Free using licensed spectrum    
  • Rapid, low-cost deployment using near interference-free 24 GHz unlicensed spectrum    
  • 1+1 Redundancy and Mesh options for high availability    
  • Ultra-Low Latency supporting voice and video over IP (<.4 ms)

Solution Benefits


  • Legacy TDM Support    
  • Seamless migration to Ethernet services    
  • 99.999% Availability Options    
  • Low Entry Cost    
  • Remote Scalability 



Download the MSH Market data sheet - PDF Version