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Leased Line Replacement

The bulk of the telecommunication service access infrastructure continues to be delivered over standard copper TDM T1/E1 and DSL based interfaces. Local access providers that own and rely on the imbedded asset rely heavily on the revenue that these networks generate as they consider new service access technologies directions. For those customers that continue to receive or lease services over this copper access vehicle there are a number of issues which impact the feasibility of these circuits:

  • Aging copper plants   
  • Rising and prohibitive recurring leasing costs   
  • Disposition of the carriers network maintenance work force ¡V in many cased outsourced   
  • Legacy TDM infrastructure prohibits delivery of next-generation IP services 

AirPair Leased Line Diagram_0106

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Using APX-104 quad T1/E1 solution deployed over a high speed wireless connection not only improves the overall business case but provide a complete managed view of the service interface. For customer requirements that demand a high volume to TDM circuit extension up to 64 T1/E1's can be extended over a single AirPair link. Additional benefits delivered by this solution delivers a ready made access solution to migrate or indeed augment the service suite with a high speed IP service therefore removing potential competitive threats which may exist within the market.

Solution Features


  • Remote, Simple Scalability (AirPair Flex)   
  • 99.999% Availability through AirPair Mesh   
  • T1/EI and Ethernet service support   
  • Ultra-Low latency 

Solution Benefits


  • Improved Economics   
  • Ability to offer IP and Ethernet services   
  • Simple Scalability   
  • Control over service levels 



Download the Leased Line Replacement data sheet - PDF Version