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Last-Mile Fiber Extension

With the greatest demand for broadband services coming from within the core metro markets, AirPair presents an ideal complementary networking solution to rapidly extend high speed IP services from locations that are already attached to the service provider's network. The suite of service includes:

  • Native Ethernet     
  • Network hardening     
  • Disaster recovery     
  • Legacy TDM Services 

AirPair is well-suited for these services, as it is a carrier grade, high capacity, native Ethernet system. Support for Ring/Mesh configurations enables 99.999% availability, for carrier-grade SLAs. With ultra-low latency, voice and video over IP are both supported. Additionally, the AirPair product supports T1/E1 services for legacy traffic types.

AirPair Last Mile Fiber Extension Diagram_0106

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The AirPair Flex enables low cost entry into new markets, without compromising scalability. As bandwidth scales, the AirPair can be remotely upgraded via software, allowing Capex to scale with revenue.

Typical Customers:

  • IXC's     
  • CLEC's     
  • Utilities     
  • Independent Telco's 

Solution Features


  • Remote, Simple Scalability from 10 Mbps to 200 Mbps using AirPair Flex     
  • 99.999% Availability through AirPair Mesh     
  • Legacy TDM support with T1/E1 interface options     
  • Native Ethernet support up to GigE     
  • Ultra-Low latency (<.5 ms) supporting voice and video over IP     
  • All Outdoor deployment option     
  • Feature Rich Network management Suite including SNMP, Web interface, and CLI 

Solution Benefits


  • Native Ethernet and TDM Support     
  • 99.999% Availability     
  • Simple Scalability     
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface     
  • 200 mbps capacity 



Download the Last-Mile Fiber Extension data sheet - PDF Version