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CM Series

CM Series_0904

  • Long Haul radios at 6, 7, and 11 GHz            
  • North American data rates from 4 DS1 up to OC-3            
  • International data rates from 4 E1 up to STM-1            
  • Full 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet version            
  • High reliability with non-protected, 1 + 1 protected, and space or frequency diversity            
  • Easy, in-field data rate upgrades

    The CM Series is the backbone of Airlinx’ family of products.  With thousands of terminals installed throughout the US and the world providing long-haul data transmission, the CM Series has proven itself a highly reliable and economical alternative to cable or fiber for routes from 15 to 115 or more kilometers.  It is ideal for a variety of different applications ranging from Public Safety, Cellular Interconnect, to Private Network Infrastructure.  

    Download the CMDE Domestic data sheet - PDF Version

    Download the CMEE International data sheet - PDF Version


    The CM’s rapidly growing installed population has demonstrated a long, uneventful service life. Available in non-protected, protected and space or frequency diversity configurations, the CM radio’s design and quality ensures both hardware reliability and path integrity. CM radios are used in Public Safety networks, 911 systems, airport flight control applications, and other mission critical networks where reliability is at the top of the priority list.

    The CM Series includes products in the North American 6 and 11 GHz licensed bands and the international 7 GHz band. Data rates start at 4 x DS1 and extend to OC-3 (155 Mbit/s), with a variety of interface levels including North American DS1 and DS3, international E1 and E3 rates, STS-1 and STM-3 optical or electrical, and even 100BaseT fast Ethernet. The same chassis is used for each configuration

    The CM is future-proof; it will grow to meet your increasing requirements. Start with low data rates to conserve bandwidth or reduce start-up cost, then easily upgrade to higher data rates with simple plug-in card substitutions. The active Radio Frequency sections of the radio, the transmitters and receivers, need never be replaced when upgrading data rates. One set of transmitters and receivers can handle any data rate from QPSK modulated 4 x E1 up to 128 QAM OC-3 at 155 Mbit/s.

    Although the CM is basically maintenance free, the all-indoor design with front access to all components, hot-swappable plug-in modules, built-in test services and on-board alarm indicators ensures fast and easy fault isolation and repair.  Network management through either Airlinx’s TeleScan 3000 Network Management System or an SNMP based network manager allows remote monitoring and control of all aspects of the CM’s operation.


    There is a CM radio solution perfect for any long haul application. A few of the many system solutions are listed below.

    Data and IP based solutions (100 Mbps)

    - ISP networks

    - Private Network LANs and WANs


    Low Capacity (6 Mbps to 45 Mbps) Interconnect solutions

    - Cellular/GSM Interconnect

    - PCN/PCS Interconnect

    - Public Safety networks

    - Utilities (Oil, Gas, Electric, Railroad)

    - Competitive Local Exchange Carriers 

    High Capacity (45 Mbps to 133 Mbps) Infrastructure solutions

    - Cellular/GSM Infrastructure

    - PCN/PCS Infrastructure

    - Public Safety Ring Infrastructure

    - Utilities (Oil, Gas, Electric, Railroad) Backbone

    - Competitive Local Exchange Carriers 

    Synchronous (155.52 Mbps) solutions

    - Optical Ring Networks

    - High Capacity Optical Network Spurs

    - Fiber Bypass and Fiber Backup


    Integrated Voice and Data solutions

    ATM/Frame Relay trunking.