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AirPair Flex User Scalable Bandwidth

AirPair Flex is a new class of Broadband Point-to-Point Radio platform that enables users to deliver scalable bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 500 Mbps. Scalable Bandwidth is delivered and managed in 10 Mbps increments via software license keys. This pay as you grow capability allows service providers the ability to pay for only the bandwidth utilized. 

AirPair was designed from the ground up to meet the critical needs demanded by carrier class customers over either licensed or unlicensed frequency allocations. 

AirPair Flex provides carrier class performance through support of point-to-point, hub, ring and mesh configurations, enabling network availability of 99.999% while delivering industry leading ultra low-latency.

The compact system is designed for all-outdoor or split indoor/outdoor mounting, and is very simple to install and commission. Plug and play commissioning combined with a PDA configuration tool allows for rapid deployment with minimal training. 

AirPair Flex supports traditional TDM services through APX-104/108E modules. The APX delivers a standards compliant N x T1/E1 port extension capability. This service adaptation enables a seamless migration to native IP networks, while still supporting legacy TDM services. 

Download the AirPair Flex data sheet - PDF Version

Key Features

  • Software Scalable Bandwidth control from 10-500 Mbps (10 Mbps increments)    
  • Peak Rate of 1000 Mbps    
  • 99.999% availability through mesh and ring support    
  • Extended reach with High Power option and up to 6’(182cm) antenna    
  • Native GigE connectivity    
  • Ultra-Low latency for multimedia applications    
  • Rapid installation and commissioning using PDA and PC-based tools    
  • T1/E1 support through service adaptation to native Ethernet    
  • 802.1 and 802.1q support    
  • In or-out-of band remote SNMP management, CLI, SSL HTTP, Web Management    
  • Licensed frequency bands from 11 to 28 GHz    
  • License-exempt ETSI & FCC 24 GHz frequency band    
  • Rack Mountable Indoor (IDU), or all-outdoor (ODU) option