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AirPair Point-to-Point Link Configuration

AirPair provides best-in-class, high capacity wireless connections for synchronous and IP based applications. AirPair delivers a wireless GigE/1000bT network interface to provide committed full duplex data rates of up to 200 Mbps.

AirPair was designed from the ground up to meet the critical needs demanded by carrier class customers over either licensed or unlicensed frequency allocations. 

AirPair can be deployed in point-to-point configurations to rapidly provide native Ethernet connectivity to any location. The AirPair can be deployed for rapid service in the following applications:

  • Mobile Convergence   
  • 3G Cellular   
  • Leased Line Replacement   
  • Last-Mile Fiber Extension   
  • Multi-Point/WiMax Backhaul 

The AirPair is well suited for triple play applications with native IP transport, and ultra-low latency. Additionally, AirPair supports traditional TDM services such as T1/E1 through service adaptation to IP, while enabling a seamless migration to a Native IP network.

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