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AirPair Mesh/Ring Configuration 

The AirPair Mesh/Ring configuration enables carrier grade performance, while achieving the lowest network cost. AirPair Mesh/Ring provides 99.999% availability by providing redundant link diversity from each location. Network cost is minimized, as there is only 1 more link needed than there are nodes. This is significantly lower cost than a 1+1 architecture, where at least 2 links are needed per node, and even more if diversity is required.

In addition to diverse redundancy, the Mesh/Ring also enhances availability through the following:

  • Shortened Radio Links     
  • Angle Diversity - providing 5 to 10x per link availability improvements      
  • Option for 3rd diverse links from any node     
  • Option for 2nd hub node to provide nodal redundancy 

The AirPair Mesh/Ring is deployed by using AirPair links, in tandem with an approved Ethernet switch, and an AirPair multi-beam antenna assembly. The Ethernet switch provides protection switching in less than 50 ms. 

The Mesh/Ring can be deployed with any of the following licensing options:

  • Area License (i.e. 24 GHz DEMS, 28 GHz LMDS, 26 GHz LMDS)     
  • Link-by-Link licensing (i.e. 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26 GHz)     
  • 24 GHz Unlicensed 

In addition to the benefits discussed above, there are the following economic benefits of a Mesh/Ring configuration:

  • Reduced antenna size due to shorter links     
  • Reduced repeater requirements due to shorter links     
  • Overall, a mesh/ring configuration enables lowest network cost, while providing 99.999% availability, and delivering high-speed native Ethernet services. 

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