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AirPair System - Web Interface

The AirPair system can be managed through a web interface which runs on a standard PC web browser. This allows you to connect to the AirPair system through an IP network, either from a location which is local to the AirPair modem Ethernet connection, or through a remote connection which has IP access to the modem.

AirPair modems support multiple web sessions. The number of simultaneous sessions is limited by the number of accounts at each authorization level.

The AirPair web interface allows remote monitoring capabilities to determine equipment health, RF link state, traffic statistics, alarms, transmit power level, and receive power levels. The web interface also allows time stamped logging of critical system parameters. 

The key features of the AirPair web interface includes:

  • Remote system availability - the web interface can be used on any computer having IP access to the AirPair system.  
  • Requires no local software - the web interface runs in the browser. All necessary software is stored on the AirPair modem.  
  • Controlled access levels depending upon login type - Super User, NOC and Admin level functions are supported based upon login type.  
  • Near real-time view of the network - the auto-refresh capability allows real-time monitoring of the AirPair link.  
  • Simple to use graphical interface.