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AirPair System - PDA Management

To ensure ease and speed of installation, we have developed a software application called DragonPair running on a hand-held Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that simplifies the configuration and installation of AirPair system. 

The DragonPair Installation and Maintenance Software has been custom developed to provide access to all the relevant parameters associated with the AirPair family of radios. The PDA can be connected directly via a RS-232 cable or wirelessly. 

DragonPair is designed as a tool to be used by network administrators responsible for configuring and installing AirPair systems. The DragonPair PDA provides a remote means to do field maintenance while on rooftops or tower tops for both the ODU and IDU configurations. 

DragonPair software is designed so that the user may perform the following tasks using a handheld PDA: 

  • Configure the AirPair node with respect to power, and frequency  
  • Check traffic statistics  
  • Perform antenna alignment  
  • Maintain the AirPair system  
  • Calculate link budgets  
  • Link test