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AirPair APX-104

The AirPair APX-104E/108E delivers a standards compliant N x T1/E1 port extension capability to Ethernet platforms including the industry leading AirPair High Capacity Wireless Ethernet Bridge.

APX-104E/108E supports 4/8 x T1/E1 ports and 6 x Ethernet ports and an Ethernet clock port for multiple APX-104E/108E modules can be cascaded or stacked using a third party Ethernet switch.

The APX-104E/108E provides service adaptation to seamlessly transport T1/E1 traffic over native Wireless Ethernet platform, enabling Service Providers a seamless migration to native IP networks while still supporting legacy TDM services.

AirPair APX-104_0904Applications of the APX-104 include:

  • Inter-building PBX Extension                  
  • MSO Voice and Data Services                  
  • Cellular BTS Interconnect                  
  • Telco Trunking 

In addition to supporting end-to-end connections that are transparent to all signaling protocols, the APX-104E/108E automatically prioritizes synchronous data over packet data using 802.1P, therefore ensuring voice quality is maintained across the wireless connection.

 Key Features

  • Transparent T1/E1 line extension over Ethernet (TDMoE)       
  • Integrated Ethernet switch combines IP user payload and TDMoE channels with priority       
  • 4/8 x T1/E1 ports per module       
  • 6 x 100BaseT Ethernet ports       
  • Stackable or cascadable       
  • G.824 T1/E1 stats       
  • Network timing protocol       
  • Remotely network manageable via CLI, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 or web management       
  • Table top or 19" rack mountable       
  • Compliant to Bellcore DSX-1 and G.703 standards for on-premise metallic interfaces and synchronization