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AirPair Network Management

AirPair can be managed both remotely and locally. Due to the nature of AirPair, being a wireless point-to-point product typically installed on towers and rooftops of buildings, day-to-day management of the system is normally done remotely.

AirPair is designed with flexible, carrier grade management requirements in mind. Using industry standard and proprietary MIBs to monitor radio and network parameters, AirPair integrates directly into any SNMP management environment. Management traffic may be carried in-band directly and optionally over an 802.1q VLAN. Remote software download of AirPair is available. AirPair does not have to be decommissioned during the upgrade i.e. customer traffic is not affected during the download/upgrade. 

The AirPair can be managed using:

  • PDA Management    
  • Web Interface   
  • Service Provider NMS