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Pinnacle Series Product Family Specifications


  • Synchronous, high-frequency radios at 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, and 38 GHz                  
  • Data rate of 155 Mbps for SONET( OC-3 and STS-3) and SDH (STM-1) transport                  
  • Full 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet version                  
  • Ideal for use as:         

    - ISP and Corporate Network interconnection 
    - LMDS, Cellular, and PCS infrastructure 
    - Point-to-multipoint hub connections 

    SDH/SONET Radio Features and Applications
    18, 23, 26 and 38 GHz SDH/SONET Radio Technical Specifications
    SDH/SONET Radio Network Management
    SDH/SONET Microwave Backup Switch

    Download the Pinnacle data sheet - PDF Version

    A New Generation of Broadband Millimeter Wave Systems

    The Pinnacle Product Family is a high-capacity wireless point-to-point system for 155 Mbps (SDH/SONET) communication use in many types of metropolitan and rural applications. The integrated network management capabilities are based on international standard interfaces such as SNMP, Telnet, TFTP and PPP.  The system includes a low profile outdoor unit (ODU) containing the RF Assembly, high performance antenna and mount, and an indoor unit (IDU) which is a 1RU rack-mountable package.  The Pinnacle series products include an advanced modem with a powerful forward error correction (FEC) scheme.  It makes extensive use of MMIC and VLSI technology, resulting in a low cost, low power consumption and high MTBF (mean time before failure) system.


    Backpanel View

    Key Features and Benefits

    Applications for Pinnacle

    -Interconnectivity for cellular base station networks and back haul for point-to-multipoint applications.
    -Full or partial radio coverage in broadband ring architectures; excellent complement to fiber rings.
    -Last mile broadband access service; radio to the curb.
    -Protection backup to installed fiber network.
    -Private access between customer’s equipment and point of presence (POP).

    Cost-effective Network-Managed System 

    -Breakthrough in cost / performance / physical size. 
    -Low cost of ownership; software configurable for simple installation; no tuning or adjustments for ease of maintenance.
    -Advance modem technology and digital processing utilize state-of-the-art techniques to ensure a highly reliable, stable link performance and fiber equivalent data integrity.
    -Compact IDU (1 RU) and integrated ODU provide one of the smallest and easiest to operate systems in the industry.
    -Integrated network management supporting SNMP and other international standards. 

    Compatibility with SDH/SONET Networks

    -Designed to meet international SDH/SONET standards; conforms to applicable ETSI, ITU-R, ITU-T, FCC and BellCore recommendations. 
    -Choice of optical or electrical interfaces at STM-1 or OC-3 access points. 
    -Optional access to frame SOH for wayside channel and monitor/control network compatibility. 

    State-of –the-Art Technology

    - Completely digitized modem implementation including multi-level QAM modulation, digital adaptive equalization and FEC. 
    -Common IDU mates with a family of ODU’s covering the most popular ETSI and FCC frequency bands. 
    -Ultra low phase noise frequency synthesizer for improved data performance. 
    -Design platform at 155 Mb/s allows for straight-forward upgradability to additional rates using SDH/SONET standards. 

    Pricing and Ordering Information

    ProductAntenna Size
    38 GHz Radio1-foot
    38 GHz Radio2-foot
    26 GHz Radio1.5-foot
    26 GHz Radio2-foot
    23 GHz Radio1.5-foot
    23 GHz Radio2-foot
    23 GHz Radio4-foot
    18 GHz Radio2-foot
    18 GHz Radio4-foot

    Protected Radio Links
    External Voice Orderwire
    Optical Line Interface
    Intra-office, multimode
    Intra-office, single mode
    Short-haul, single mode
    Long-haul, single mode 
    Line Interface, Electrical
    Wayside Channel
    Service Channels
    19.2 Kbps Asynchronous Channel
    64 Kbps Synchronous Channel
    High-power Transmitter

    Spare IDU (with standard multi-mode I/O) 
    Spare ODU (without antenna and mount) 
    Spare plug-in modules 
    Intra-office, multimode/single mode 

    Short-haul, single mode 

    Long-haul, single mode 

    With wayside channel 
    Spare 1+1 Switch 
    Spare 30 cm (1-foot) Antenna 
    Spare 45 cm (1.5-foot) Antenna 
    Spare 60 cm (2-foot) Antenna 
    Spare 120 cm (4-foot) Antenna 
    (Includes ODU mounting hardware) 
    ODU Hot-Standby Kit 
    (To combine 2 NP ODU’s into 1+1)