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Tsunami 45 23GHz

Tsunami 45_0904

Fast, Cost-Effective Wireless Connectivity

Tsunami 100BaseT/F is a wireless Ethernet bridge providing greater capacity and significantly lower cost than using dedicated DS-3 leased lines. 

Using high-quality radio transmitters, standard IP links, and low-cost Ethernet switches, Tsunami 100BaseT/F Ethernet bridges greatly reduce the latency and processing overhead associated with DS-3 connections to IP routers and switches. Because it is wireless, Tsunami 100BaseT/F eliminates wire/fiber installation costs and recurring monthly fees—delivering carrier-class performance quickly, at an affordable price. 

In addition to the Fast Ethernet connection, Tsunami 100BaseT/F also provides a separate T1 connection, allowing you to extend PBX connectivity between buildings without additional leased-line costs. 

Extend or Enhance Your Network Virtually Overnight

With Tsunami 100BaseT/F, there are no leased-line hassles or natural or man-made barriers to overcome. Easy installation and operation allow network planners to quickly implement full 100BaseT/F Fast Ethernet capacity between networks, making it the ideal solution for: 

  • Organizations building out networks to include WAN connectivity between buildings, campuses, and remote locations           
  • Establishing high-speed connections between Internet or network service providers and their customers           
  • Service providers extending existing fiber and wire networks           
  • Organizations or service providers seeking network redundancy for mission-critical connections 

About the Tsunami Product Family

The Tsunami family of Ethernet bridges provides wireless solutions that meet the growing demand for transparent and reliable high-speed network interconnectivity. 
In addition to Tsunami 100BaseT/F, the Tsunami price-performance leader, the Tsunami product line includes:

Tsunami 10BaseT, a cost-effective, high-capacity alternative to multiple wireline T1 connections.

Tsunami 1000BaseSX, the world’s first license-exempt Ethernet bridge to provide Gigabit wireless connectivity using native IP. 

Download the Tsunami 45 23GHz data sheet - PDF Version