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HighReach E1/E-3 PDH Radio Features

HighReach digital radios provide a cost effective solution to PDH transmission requirements, from 4Mbit/s to 34Mbit/s, in a variety of data configurations and frequency plans, from 7GHz to 38GHz. A highly effective network management system, tributary and CCRC monitoring, flexible panning system and protected configuration capability make HighReach a good solution to many applications.  

HighReach Features

  • Highly modular architecture                      
  • Superb management system                      
  • High system gain                      
  • Designed for ease of installation and commissioning                      
  • Self diagnostics with loopback and test features simplifies fault finding and maintenance procedures                      
  • Advanced software allows easy configuration of the entire system from the Front panel, a PC or a Network Management system                      
  • Complies with International telecommunications specifications                      
  • Outdoor unit is independent of data rate and can upgrade to alternative frequency bands and band plans                      
  • Indoor unit is independent of frequency band and band plan, and can upgrade to hit-less 1+1 configuration, as well as other data rates                      
  • System includes built-in service channels, management features, and installation hardware                      
  • Standard antenna - internationally available - with flexible, unique mounting arrangement that supports easy installation and maintenance 

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Technical Specifications

7GHz HighReach
8GHz HighReach
15GHz HighReach
18GHz HighReach
23GHz HighReach
38GHz HighReach