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TRuepoint 5000

Universal platform for point-to-point digital radio

TRuepoint 5000 is the industry’s first universal platform for point-to-point digital communications. Offering a range of network interfaces, it supports frequency bands from 6 to 38 GHz and wide variety of capacities and modulation levels—all software-selectable. TRuepoint is designed to meet the current and future access, backhaul, and transport needs of public and private network operators, utility and transportation companies, government agencies, public safety operators, and other service providers.

Key features

  • Operates in the 6 to 38 GHz frequency bands  
  • Network capacities from 2 E1 to STM-1 (CEPT) or 4 DS1 to OC3 (ANSI)  
  • Data interfaces, including SDH, PDH, SONET, and Ethernet  
  • Scalable, frequency-independent signal processing unit (SPU)  
  • Capacity-independent radio frequency unit (RFU)  
  • Plug-and-play modules  
  • User-selectable capacity, modulation level (4 to 256 QAM), RF frequency, and output power  
  • SNMP-based management, in-service performance monitoring, built-in diagnostics 

Operational benefits

  • High system gain  
  • Fast, easy, and cost-efficient capacity upgrades  
  • Modular, easy to configure data interfaces  
  • Highly reliable, integrated design, with more than 20 years MTBF  
  • Fully compatible with existing radio networks 

Strategic benefits 

  • Reduces cost of deployment—through smaller antenna requirements, increased transmission distance, fewer repeater sites  
  • Reduces operating costs—through high reliability, efficient diagnostics and network management, reduced real estate requirements, low power consumption, reduced sparing costs, reduced training requirements  
  • Shortens time to revenue—through easier network startup, simplified reconfigurations, easy capacity upgrades  
  • Protects your current investment—through compatibility with current industry-standard management systems  
  • Opens new serving areas, markets, and revenue possibilities—through easy shifts to higher frequencies and simplified, modular interface changes  
  • Future-proofs your investment—plug-in modules provide an easy migration path to IP and other future technologies 

Download the TRuepoint 5000 data sheet 

Download the TRuepoint 5000 Products data sheet 

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