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Products Licensed Microwave Radio Telemetry and SCADA Modems Q Series - Spread Spectrum OEM Modules

Q Series - Spread Spectrum OEM Modules

Q Series_1005

The family of military products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of military and government users world-wide. The Q Series is available as an OEM board level radio. The military products share the same features as our 900 MHz FGR Series, including 32-bit CRC error detection with automatic retransmission, and single radio repeater. Our military products provide reliable data communications in the most adverse environments.


  • Frequency Hopping or Single Frequency    
  • High Speed –115.2 Kbps true throughput.    
  • Long Range – 60+ mile range with clear line of sight, ability to extend through repeaters.    
  • Error Free Communications – 32 bit CRC with automatic retransmission.    
  • Industrial Grade Specifications – 100% tested for full performance from -40°C to +75°C.    
  • Repeater and simultaneous Slave and Repeater function all in a single radio.    
  • Improved supply voltage range and power consumption. Input voltage range is now 7.5- 30 VDC at full RF output power. Receive current is less than 100 mA @ 12 VDC.    
  • Separate diagnostic serial connector allows real time local diagnostics and setup menu access.    
  • Better diagnostics, including signal level in dBm and transmit current.    
  • RS485/RS232 Interface. In addition to RS-232, the FGR Series is now available with a user-programmable RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 interface.    
  • Noise Immunity – Superior performance in noise congested environments.    
  • Secure – proprietary spread spectrum technology prevents detection and unauthorized access. 

Technical Specifications

Transmitter & Receiver:
Frequency Range228-235 or 277-284 MHz
Output PowerUp to 2 watts
Range, Line of Sight60 Miles with clear LOS
ModulationSpread Spectrum GFSK
Occupied Bandwidth230 kHz
Spreading MethodFrequency Hopping or Single Frequency
Hopping Patterns15 total, user selectable
Hopping Channels1 - 56, user selectable
Sensitivity-106 dBm for BER 1x10-6
Selectivity20 dB at fc ± 47 kHz (2nd IF)
System Gain139 dB

Data Transmission & Power:
Data Transmission:
Error Detection32 bit CRC, Retransmit on Error
Data EncryptionSubstitution, Dynamic Key
Maximum Throughput115.2 Kbps
Data InterfaceRS232/RS485/422 or TTL
Data Connector10 pin header with locking ramp, 0.1 inch spacing, power/data connector. Separate Diagnostics connector
Power Requirement:
Operating Voltage7.5-30 VDC-6
Current Drain
Mode7.5 VDC12 VDC30 VDC
Transmit1.3 A800 mA320 mA
Receive160 mA100 mA50 mA
Idle41 mA26 mA15 mA
Sleep10 mA8 mA3 mA

General Information:
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +75°C 100% full performance tested
Dimension127 mm L x 60.96 mm W x 15.49 mm H
Weight90 g
External Antenna ConnectorSMA. Professional Installation Only
Humidity0 to 95% non-condensing

Specifications may change at any time without notice.