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 225 - 400 MHz DGBR Series 

U.S. Government or Export Sales Only! 

DGBR Series 225 to 400 MHz_0904DGBR Series 225 to 400 MHz_2_0904DGBR Series 225 to 400 MHz_3_0904

Originally developed for the JBREWS program, the DGBR Series of spread spectrum radios and radio boards are designed to meet the rigorous demands of military and government users worldwide. Available as OEM board level radios or as packaged modems in rugged or waterproof enclosures, the radios operate over a 225 to 400 MHz frequency range. The radios may also be programmed to operate over any portion of this range to avoid interference with other radio systems in the area of operation.
With an advanced frequency hopping technology, a 4 watt RF output and a sensitive, wide dynamic range front end, the DGBR radios provide reliable data communications even in the most adverse environments. Error-free data transmission is assured with the proprietary 32-bit CRC error check, automatic acknowledgment and data retransmission. The DGBR radios share other powerful features with our popular 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz products, including 115.2 Kbps throughput, single radio repeater and slave/repeater modes. 

60 dB at fc ± 460 KHz 
Frequency Range 225 to 400 MHz 
Output Power 4 Watts 
Modulation GFSK, 2 levels 
RF Connector Straight or Reverse SMA (OEM Modules)
Type N female (Enclosures) 
Sensitivity -103 dBm for 10 -6 BER
Data Transmission:
Error Detection32 bit CRC, retransmit on error 
Link Throughput 115.2 Kbps 
Data Interface RS232 or TTL 
Power Requirements: 
Transmit Current 2.5 A max peak transmit 
Receive Current 250 mA receive 
Voltage 12 Vdc 
Operating Environment: Operating Temperature: -40 ° to +75 ° C
Storage Temperature: -55 ° to +85 ° C
Humidity: Up to 100% non-condensing 
Enclosures: Extruded aluminum (DGBR115R)
Waterproof extruded aluminum (DGBR115W)
Dimensions: 1.4515"H x 2.45"W x 5.626"L (OEM board) 
Weight: 150 grams (OEM board)

Ordering Info:

Model Case Interface RF Connector
DGBR-115R Rugged RS232 Type-N 
DGBR-115W Waterproof RS232 Type-N