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138 - 144 MHz OEM Module

138 - 144 MHz OEM Module_0904

The DGVR family of OEM board level radios provides outstanding performance and functionality in a small footprint ideal for OEM applications. All versions of the radio are available with either TTL level or full RS-232 interface, and 6, 12, or 24 volt operation.
The OEM radios are preset with an electronic serial number and all options are selectable through any terminal program. They can operate in Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint modes or as a store and forward repeater for either mode.

      Frequency Range138 - 144 MHz
      Output Power2 W (+33 dBm) at 9.5 V to 14.0 V
1 W (+30 dBm) at 7.5 V to 9.5 V
      Range, Line of Sight20 miles
      Modulation2 or 4 level GFSK
      Occupied Bandwidth14.4 KHz (80%); 18.8 KHz (99%)
      Sensitivity-118 dBm at 10-6 raw BER, 16 Kbps
Data Transmission:
      Error Detection32 bit CRC, retransmit on error
      Data EncryptionSubstitution, dynamic key
      Link Throughput*19 Kbaud
      Data InterfaceRS-232, 0 to 5 V TTL levels, 1200 Baud to 115.2 Kbaud
Power Requirements:
      Transmit Current700 mA at 9.5-14V for 2 W
600 mA at 6-9.5V for 1W
      Receive Current100 mA at 12V
Temperature Range:-30 °C - +75 °C
Dimensions:131.45 mm L x 61.85 mm W x 18.03 mm H
* Uncompressed Throughput Measured Assuming 75% Frequency Availability
Ordering Info
ModelCaseInterfaceRF ConnectorOperating VoltageFeatures
DGCV1RFAround boardRS232 6 Vdc 
DGRV1RASboardRS232SMA12 Vdc 
DGV-524N008boardRS232SMA12 VdcNarrow-band
DGVR-019boardTTLReverse SMA12 Vdc 
DGV-19RRuggedRS232Type-N12 Vdc 
DGV-19WWaterproofRS232Type-N12 Vdc 
DGV-924N009WaterproofRS232Type-N12 VdcNarrow-band