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Products Licensed Microwave Radio Government and Military Video Radios MIL Series COFDM Compact Digital Microwave Video, Audio and Data Transmitter

MIL Series COFDM Compact Digital Microwave Video, Audio and Data Transmitter 

DT-200 Digital Transmitter 0106

  • Applications Include:

    - First Responder
    - Police
    - Fire - Rescue
    - HazMat Response
    - National Guard
    - Emergency Management
    - UAV/UGV Robotics

  • Secure Transmission      
  • Video / Audio / Data Transmission      
  • Multi-Channel Selection      
  • Rugged Packaging      
  • Compact Size   

    DT-200 Digital Video Transmitter is designed to meet the requirement for high-quality short range video, audio, and data transmission in the tactical environment. The DT-200 is ideal for First Responders and other front-line public safety personnel involved in situation assessment, search and rescue, and incident response and management activities.

    The DT-200 provides realtime video, audio, and data (Global Positioning System, Chem/Bio Sensor, etc.) from field personnel directly to on-scene command staff to facilitate rapid and effective response planning. In addition to high-quality video imagery, the DT-200 also transmits audio to allow field personnel to provide realtime commentary without the need for conventional two-way radio circuits. This is especially useful when reviewing recorded audio and video imagery to support after-action-reports in the training environment. The DT-200 also provides transmission of low bit-rate data such as GPS position information or data outputs from nuclear, biological, and chemical sensors.

    Using a digital microwave modulation technique, the DT-200 performs exceptionally well in the non-line-of-sight environment. This allows response personnel to move freely through the tactical environment while providing reliable imagery to the tactical command post. The DT-200 operates on frequencies allocated to First Responder agencies and does not rely on pre-positioned infrastructure of any kind. As a result, the DT-200 is ready to support Law Enforcement Coordination and Crisis Management personnel as soon as they are on-scene.

    The DT-200 Series transmitter is well suited for First Responder, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, and Hazardous Materials Response, UAV, and UGV applications.

    Download the MIL Series Compact Digital Transmitter data sheet - PDF Version

    Technical Specifications:


    · Model Number-Frequency Range

    - DT-200P    – 340 to 400 MHz
    - DT-200L    – 1.7 to 1.9 GHz
    - DT-200S   – 2.2 to 2.5 GHz
    - DT-200C1 – 3.1 to 3.5 GHz
    - DT-200C2 – 4.4 to 5.0 GHz

    ·  Modulation – COFDM 2K (QPSK)
    · Frequency Stability – +0.0002%
    · Spurious/Harmonic Output –  > -65 dBc
    · Compression – MPEG-2 


    · Video Input Format – NTSC or PAL
    · Video Input Impedance – 75 ohms unbalanced
    · Audio Input– 

    200 Hz to 15 kHz +1.5 dB
    Microphone Level (2x)

    · Data – RS-232 interface (standard baud rates to 38.4 kb/s)

    · Power Output

    - High Power – 100 mW nominal

    · Channels: Up to 10 programmable
    ·  RS232 programming interface


    · Operating temperature: -10 to +55 °C

    · Relative humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing


    · PTO 4 pin power
    · MDM-15 pin audio/data
    · 5.3” L x 3.5” W x 1.125” H
    · Video Input Connector - BNC female 

    · Housing – milled aluminum
    · Weight  – 15 oz.
    · RF Output Connector – SMA female
    · Channel Select Switch - 10 position 


    · Operating Voltage: +10 to +28 Vdc

    · Current: 0.75 A @ 13.8 Vdc


    Belt Clip
    Mounting interface for tactical robots




    Helmet mounted antenna systems.
    Rechargeable belt mounted battery.
    Helmet mounted color video camera (NTSC or PAL)