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HD Mesh

Hi-Density Metro-scale Network Backbone Ring

  • Self-healing network     
  • Multiple frequency options (4.9, 5.3, 5.4, 5.8 GHz)     
  • Highly secure     
  • Up to 45 Mbps     
  • 6 Ethernet port Connections for cameras, WiMAX and proprietary APs etc.     
  • 802.11g capability     
  • Easy to install & maintain     
  • Industrial temperature range     
  • Made in the U.S.A. in State-of-the-art factory  

The new HD Mesh system provides an innovative self-healing hi-speed backbone ring for improved reliability and broadband speeds that traditional mesh platforms cannot match. 

The system incorporates multiple frequency bands, including the 4.9 GHz licensed band for safety personnel, first responders and homeland security applications.

HD Mesh wireless backbone radios are available in 4.9, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. Each HD Mesh micro cell base station includes an environmentally controlled enclosure with thermostat controlled heater and fan, nine port router, and can support up to six additional Ethernet devices (cameras, access points, etc.). HD Mesh is also designed to support WiMAX-ready radios and 802.11g for WiFi hotspots. This highly flexible and scalable system is built to grow with the needs of any network and like all our equipment, HD Mesh is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

What's Included

HD Mesh micro-cell
  • 1 HD Mesh Box     
    • Provides 6 Ethernet connections for other IP devices    
    • Three PoE interfaces for backhaul connections    
    • Router    
    • 150W Switching Power Supply    
    • A wireless Access Point 802.11a/b/g 
  • 2 backhaul radios with integrated antennas (Supports 4.9, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz)     
  • Two 2.4GHz Omni (8 dbi) antennas     
  • Mounting Hardware for HD Mesh Box, backhaul radios and antennas

HD Mesh vs. typical mesh

A common objective of all mesh systems is to provide system redundancy in order to ensure up time. However, most mesh systems on the market take that objective to the extreme. Some manufacturers' mesh systems are so complicated, interconnected and expensive that transmission speeds and reliability actually suffer. Typical mesh networks rely on the availability of 'point-to-point-to-point' wireless repeating. Thus, the bandwidth available to each node of most mesh systems must be shared between providing Internet access or bandwidth for that node and providing the backbone link for other nodes. The more nodes you add, the lower the performance. This inefficient approach is costly to deploy and maintain. Furthermore, sending VOIP, surveillance video or other triple-play services over such complex networks is next to impossible.

To avoid the aforementioned downsides of mesh technology, it has been developed a simpler mesh that maximizes up time reliability, while minimizing the constraints on actual data throughput. We focus the fail-safe functions at the most important element of the network, the backbone. Maintaining a robust, hi-speed and redundant mesh backbone is the most critical aspect of the network. The result is that HD Mesh provides system performance and reliability well beyond that of competing technologies.


Highly Customizable

Each micro-cell of an HD Mesh backbone ring can provide WiFi coverage as well as support point-to-multipoint 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz and many more broadband distribution options.


  • 3 PoE ports for backhaul radios     
  • Up to 6 additional Ethernet ports     
  • 110-240 VAC input power 


  • Two 45 Mbps backhaul radios with 19 dBi integrated antennas     
  • Two optional WiFi (802.11g) APs with 8 dBi omni antennas 

Layer 2 and Layer 3 technology

  • NAT, DHCP, PPPoE, Routing and much more     
  • Proprietary 128 bit encryption     
  • ARQ     
  • QoS support     
  • VLAN support     
  • SNMP support 


HD Mesh is designed for metro-scale deployments and will support a multitude of frequency bands, working seamlessly with the extensive portfolio of broadband radios for hi-speed wireless Internet access and WiFi/hotspot capability. When combined with the new 4.9 GHz radios, HD Mesh provides a robust network foundation for municipalities, first responders, security applications and more...

  • Security & Surveillance    
  • First Responder/Public Saftey     
  • Wireless Internet Service    
  • Public Internet/WiFi Hotspots     
  • Enterprise    
  • Municipalities     
  • Schools & Universities