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TeraBridge 5345 and 5845

TeraBridge 5345 and 5845 1005

Highest Link Reliability

TeraBridge 5345 and 5845 are point-to-point, high capacity, all outdoor radios optimized for backhaul of Ethernet or traditional telecommunications converged voice and data networks. They feature license-free radio operation in the UNII or ISM 5 GHz bands with a choice of either DS3 or 10/100 Base-T digital interfaces. The field-proven TeraBridge series is one of the most reliable license-free wireless solutions available today. Full duplex operation with near-zero latency ensures reliable operation and unlimited consecutive point to point links. With a range of up to 40 miles, the TeraBridge 5845 takes the TeraBridgeTM family to unprecedented distances and opens a whole new range of applications.

Unprecedented Cost Effectiveness

Full-duplex TeraBridge systems enable customers with truly affordable broadband wireless solutions for today's last-mile applications. Since they work in the license-free 5 GHz bands, there are no spectrum licenses to purchase and no expensive trenching required - enabling you to provide connectivity at a price point that won't dramatically impact CapEx and OpEx budgets.

Superior Design and Performance

TeraBridge 5345 and 5845 are ideal highcapacity solutions for Wireless Internet Service Provider's Networks, cellular operators needing to upgrade and expand their networks, telecom carriers looking to add capacity to their networks, and for private enterprises wanting to enhance Internet access throughout their networks.

Key Features

  • TeraBridge 5345: 5.3 GHz UNII Band full-duplex Radio for Short - Medium Range Links   
  • TeraBridge 5845: 5.8 GHz ISM Band full-duplex Radio for Links up to 40 Miles   
  • Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) Operation   
  • Up to three channels per frequency band, software selectable   
  • Very Low Latency Performance   
  • 1x Telco-rated DS3 interface, with an additional 1 Mbps full-duplex wayside channel available, or 2x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interfaces   
  • 45 Mbps actual payload throughput each way (90 Mbps aggregate)   
  • SNMP compliant and Web Browser Management for easy and intelligent installation/management   
  • All-weather outdoor unit with an extended temperature range of -33O to +60O C 


  • Point-to-point Wireless Bridge   
  • Enterprise LAN and PBX extension   
  • WAN connection redundancy   
  • ISP remote POP   
  • ISP direct customer connections using point-to-point   
  • Multipoint backhaul at DS-3 performance   
  • Extension of an existing fiber network 

Download the TeraBridge 5345 and 5845 data sheet - PDF Version