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Tsunami QuickBridge 11 Model 2411

Tsunami QuickBridge11 Model 2411_1005

Easy-to-deploy, all-in-one-box wireless LAN extension

The Tsunami QuickBridge. 11 Model 2411 Kit is a highly reliable wireless point-to-point networking solution for any enterprise or small business. Two pre-configured bridges enable users to easily, quickly, and economically install a wireless LAN extension between two locations—eliminating the need for costly leased line or cable alternatives. The kit contains everything you need to establish a point-to-point connection, including one Tsunami MP.11 Base Station Unit, one Tsunami MP.11 Subscriber Unit, surge arrestors, antennas and Ethernet cables.

Technologically superior

Utilizing the new Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol (WORP) technology, the QuickBridge. 11 Model 2411 Kit not only offers all the benefits of an 802.11b 11 Mbps solution but also delivers unbeatable performance, range and throughput in an outdoor environment. Created specifically for outdoor applications, WORP ensures QuickBridge. 11 Model 2411 provides a more reliable building-to-building wireless LAN extension than standard Wi-Fi based 802.11b point-to-point solutions. 

Easy installation and management

Our comprehensive step-by-step QuickBridge. 11 Model 2411 Installation Guide is easy to follow. Instructions are provided for the physical installation of the QuickBridge. 11 Model 2411 Kit, including mounting the pre-configured bridges and 14dbi Yagi antennas. Detailed guidelines on the installation include procedures on proper antenna alignment, cable installation, data network connectivity, configuration, testing and commissioning.  

Ready for future growth

To keep pace with your growing business needs, the QuickBridge. 11 Model 2411 Kit offers a growth path to a multipoint network. Expanding connectivity to multiple buildings is easy by simply adding additional Tsunami MP.11 Subscriber Units. 

Download the Tsunami QuickBridge 11 data sheet - PDF Version