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Tsunami QuickBridge II

Tsunami QuickBridge II is a complete, user-installable wireless point-to-point bridging solution designed for reliable long distance and low latency voice and data connectivity. This high-performance hop-in-a-box is available with 34 Mbps and two integrated T1/E1 voice channels or with 54 Mbps aggregate throughput. Highly affordable and exceptionally easy to install, Tsunami QuickBridge II eliminates the deployment challenges and recurring fees associated with standard T1, E1, or DS-3 installations. As a replacement for a DS-3 leased line, Tsunami QuickBridge II pays for itself in less than two months.

Voice and Data Connectivity Made Simple 

  • Co-location of multiple QuickBridge II radios increase capacity, extends range and provides network redundancy between locations        
  • Available with two integrated T1/E1 voice channels for low-cost voice transmission        
  • Built-in SNMP support and QuickBridge Manager software allow flexible management of local and remote radios 

Designed for Complete Ease of Use

Tsunami QuickBridge is the easiest-to-install family of broadband wireless bridges on the market. Requiring no training or wireless experience, they can be set up and installed within hours. Each solution includes everything you need to set up a link right out of the box. 

  • Hop-in-a-box solution includes two radios with integrated antennas, cables, mounting hardware, power supply and documentation        
  • Easy to use software enables fast configuration        
  • Audible tones ensure antennas are properly aligned 

Cost-effective Connectivity

The Tsunami QuickBridge family offers the best price performance for campus networking and backhaul applications. Supporting voice and data transmission, they can easily replace T1/E1 or DS-3 connections with a payback of less than one year. 

  • Capacity from 6 to 54 Mbps supports enterprise and service provider bandwidth-intensive applications        
  • Connectivity for buildings located up to 6 miles away        
  • Synchronous voice channels available for low cost PBX extensions 

Flexibly Manage Your Entire QuickBridge Network

Designed for outdoor networks, Tsunami QuickBridge management tools enable network managers to view and proactively maintain all radios located throughout multiple facilities. In contrast to leasing lines, network ownership gives managers complete visibility into local and remote bridges. 

  • Built-in SNMP support and web-based QuickBridge Manager simplify remote java-based management and integrate easily into existing network policies        
  • Proactive alarm notifications enable network managers to maximize network performance 

Secure & Reliable

A wireless alternative to a wired network provides greater control over network quality. Backed by more than 20 years of wireless design innovation, Tsunami QuickBridge solutions offer the highest security and reliability available in networking today. 

  • Up to 99.995% RF link availability        
  • Meets or exceeds wired network security        
  • Proprietary Link ID provides secure wireless transmission