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 Access5830 Dual-Band Wireless Ethernet System

The Access5830 offers a broad range of features and unsurpassed channel flexibility; delivering wireless broadband in the most demanding environments.

The dual-band Access5830 is a highly versatile and cost effective outdoor point-to-multipoint solution for wireless broadband service providers. The Access5830 delivers 10 Mbps over the air, and operates in either the 5.8 GHz ISM band and the 5.3 GHz U-NII band. Software switchable, dual polarized antennas, coupled with two bands of frequency operation, allow a total of 22 non-overlapping channel/polarization combinations.

There are variety of subscriber units which are compatible with the Access5830 including the new TrangoFOX series low-cost units.

  • System Quick Specs        
  • Access5830 Access Point        
  • Atlas FOX Subscriber Unit       
  • FOX5800/FOX5300 Subscriber Units       
  • Access5830 Subscriber Unit  

    Both APs and SUs can be easily configured and managed (either locally or remotely) through built in serial and Ethernet interfaces, along with a web browser provisioning tool for quick set up and deployment. The Access5830 radios are powered using "Power over Ethernet" for ease and low-cost installation. Both APs and SUs feature a handy "site survey" tool to check for interference. Coupled with electronically switchable dual polarized antennas, automatic SU power leveling, and settable RSSI thresholds, the Access5830 offers more interference mitigation features than any other competing solution.

    The Access5830 system is classified as a Layer 2 multi-point bridge. Authentication of SUs is performed using a secure, proprietary method at the MAC level, and thus all forms of Ethernet traffic and unlimited IP addresses will pass seamlessly over the system.

    Trango Point_to_mpoint_0606


    • Dual bands available for operation: 5725-5850 MHz and 5250-5350 MHz; remotely switchable.      
    • Superior antenna design for long range.      
    • Wide range of subscriber unit options including new low cost FOX series.      
    • Can be managed and configured locally or remotely via Telnet, HTTP interface, or SNMP.      
    • SMARTPolling™ - Our patent pending protocol allows the AP to deliver 10 Mbps much more efficiently than comparable systems.      
    • CIR/MIR Bandwidth management tools to throttle throughput to individual subscriber units.      
    • Power-over-Ethernet and mounting hardware for ease of installation.      
    • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum operation provides excellent range and immunity to interference.      
    • Robust, Stable, Cost Effective, Easy to Install! 

    Advanced Features

    • SMARTPolling™ is our patent pending protocol that delivers 10 Mbps bandwidth more efficiently than comparable systems (allows user prioritization to support QoS)      
    • Up to 500 Subscriber Unit connections (concurrently) can be managed by a single AP in a 60 degree sector.      
    • Power-leveling is a powerful feature that is useful to mitigate the effects of self-interference when planning smaller "footprint" cells with many co-located APs. Also, a major concern for service providers is the ability to provide the same quality of service to SUs that are at a further distance from the AP as compared to SUs that are in closer proximity. As part of the "power on" sequence, the AP determines how far away a given SU is, and actively diminishes or increases its output power to ensure a quality of service.      
    • 11 default non-overlapping channels are available in both horizontal and vertical polarizations. In addition, the Access5830 allows total channel flexibility permitting service providers to control operational frequency in single MHz increments.      
    • Committed Information Rate / Maximum Information Rate (CIR/MIR) control provides bandwidth management/throttling per individual SU.      
    • Dynamic RF Packet Sizing allows optimal data bandwidth utilization with maximum RF sensitivity. Unlike competing solutions that use fixed RF packet sizes that degrade bandwidth utilization, the Access5800's unique protocol dynamically analyzes each Ethernet packet and transmits at an optimal length, 64 bytes (in the case of URL requests) to 1600 bytes (Note: the larger packet size is beneficial when interfacing to certain routers).      
    • Internal dual polarized antennas that are software switchable offer maximum flexibility for network scalability coupled with the ability to co-locate 22 APs per POP.      
    • User controllable receiver threshold for additional interference mitigation.      
    • Variety of Subscriber Unit antenna options.      
    • SU's can be remotely managed through the AP using a host of commands or via HTTP web interface, telnet, serial interface, or SNMP.      
    • Built in RSSI LED and RSSI Telnet Command for easy SU antenna alignment.      
    • Fallback Channel provision on SU offers built in redundancy.      
    • Built in site survey tool to check for interference. 

    Download the Access5830 Dual-Band data sheet - PDF Version