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Products Unlicensed Radio Point-to-Point PDH (T1/E1/DS3/E3) Radios 2.4 GHz 2 x E1 (2 x 2.048 Mbps) LYNX.sc2 (discontinued)

Spread Spectrum E1 Radio Modems


  • No operating license required (in most countries)       
  • One to eight independent CEPT-1 (2.048 Mbps) channels       
  • Point-to-point communications from less than 1 km to more than 80 km       
  • Wide operational temperature        
  • Built-in loopback, far-end monitoring and orderwire       
  • Open network management        

    One to Eight Channels
    Up to eight independent, non-compressed, full-duplex E1 channels are provided (depending on model). This capability provides an alternative to leased lines or traditional licensed radio for fast and easy connection of E1 capacity requirements. 

    Spread spectrum technology allows a license-free approach to accomplish medium-capacity spur connections quickly, often without regulatory licensing or coordination.

    Built-in orderwire provides an easy means for private telephone connections between radio sites. Open network management yields flexibility for operators with central equipment monitoring facilities. The one-piece indoor design, loopback functions, flexible power connections and external adjustments result in a system that is easy to install and maintain. Also, wide temperature operation allows users to install in outdoor cabinets or shelters without additional air conditioning or heating. 

    Applications digital microwave radios are easily connected to voice, data or video sources. Outstanding system gain provides wireless point-to-point link distances greater than 80 km, line-of-sight. Hub and repeater configurations are also easily implemented. 

    Typical applications include cellular/PCS base station interconnect, rural telephone and remote data connections.

    The Product Line 

    The family offers six models for full-duplex E1 (2.048 Mbps) wireless communications: 2.4 GHz E1, 5.8 GHz E1, 2.4 GHz 2 x E1, 5.8 GHz 2 x E1, 5.8 GHz 4 x E1 and 5.8 GHz 8 x E1. The family also offers a similar line of T1 (1.544 Mbps) and fractional capacity (56 to 512 kbps) radios. Each model offers selectable frequency channel plans with excellent adjacent channel performance, resulting in easy installation of repeaters and hubs. In addition, the provides a combination of several exclusive features, yielding increased flexibility and reliability as well as lower cost installation and maintenance. 

    Wide Operational Temperature Range

  • Outdoor cabinet mounting        
  • No external environmental controls required        

    Small Size, One-Piece Construction 

  • Less rack space (2RU rack mount)        
  • Low cost installation and maintenance with no tower mounting        

    Far-End Monitoring 

  • Far-end status and test points at near-end radio front panel        

    Protect Port 

  • Can be installed in redundant configurations        

    Multiple Channel Plans 

  • Flexible hub and repeater installations        
  • Provides interference mitigation        

    High System Gain & Forward Error Correction (FEC) 

  • Improved transmitter output power and receiver sensitivity        
  • High reliability links with excellent fade margin        

    Spread Spectrum Technology 

  • No license or frequency coordination required (in most countries)        
  • Fast, inexpensive installation        

    Loopback Functions 

  • Eases installation and BER testing with internal or external test source        
  • One-person installation and testing        

    Wide Input Power Range 

  • Connects to a variety of ±DC sources (e.g. +24 or -48 V) without options        
  • AC adapter available        

    RF Power Control 

  • Easy adjustment for EIRP regulations (where applicable)        
  • Installs with a variety of antennas        

    Two Service Channels 

  • Digital orderwire providing voice communications over radio network        
  • Clear channel for wayside traffic        

    Network Management (OpenLYNX™) 

  • Embedded TBOS agent        
  • Wayside RS-232        
  • Windows 95™ GUI    

    Easy to Install: Small dish or flat panel antennas can be used at both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz, along with low-loss coaxial cable to provide excellent performance for line-of-sight distances from less than 1 km to more than 80 km. The installation shown provides a rural telephone E1 extension using a 5.8 GHz 60 cm parabolic dish and 1 /2 inch coaxial cable, mounted on a telephone pole.  

    Hub Site Engineering: Using standard microwave radio path engineering practices, radios can be integrated into hub sites, even in the presence of other spread spectrum and licensed microwave systems. This site illustrates seven radios, all operating in the 5.8 GHz band, located at a hub site that also employs a variety of licensed microwave radios.  

    Cabinet Mounting: The can be mounted in existing equipment cabinets, stand-alone cabinets or any weatherproof enclosure. Occupying only two rack mount units (with no outdoor mounted electronics) plus a -30 to +65 degree Celsius operating temperature range, the reliable is very easy to install and maintain. The is shown mounted in a telephone switch cabinet without air conditioning or heating.  

    Network Management: Utilizing an open architecture protocol, the can be integrated into existing network management systems. OpenLYNX™ gives users a fast and intuitive system for control, diagnostics and troubleshooting of the radio network.  

    Specifications and Ordering Information 

    (BER = 1 X 10-6)
    Model 31500 (2.4 GHz E1)2400 - 2483.5 MHzE1 (2.048 Mbps)-93 dBm123 dBm
    Model 31360 (2.4 GHz 2 x E1)2400 - 2483.5 MHz2 x E1 (2 x 2.048 Mbps)-85 dBm115 dBm
    Model 31400 (5.8 GHz E1)5725 - 5850 MHzE1 (2.048 Mbps)-92 dBm115 dBm
    Model 31700 (5.8 GHz 2 x E1)5725 - 5850 MHz2 x E1 (2 x 2.048 Mbps)-90 dBm113 dBm
    Model 31850 (5.8 GHz 4 x E1)5725 - 5850 MHz4 x E1 (4 x 2.048 Mbps)-88 dBm111 dBm
    Model 27705-20xxx (5.8 GHz 8 x E1, balanced)5725 - 5850 MHz8 x E1 (8 x 2.048 Mbps)-82 dBm103 dBm
    Model 27705-30xxx (5.8 GHz 8 x E1, unbalanced)5725-5850 MHz8 x E1 (8 x 2.048 Mbps)-82 dBm103 dBm

    Specifications All Models

    Antenna Connector N-type female
    Full Output Power, 2.4 GHz >/= +27 dBm, +30 dBm maximum
    RF Attenuation Range, 2.4 GHz 16 dB, minimum
    Full Output Power, 5.8 GHz >/= +20 dBm, +23 dBm typical
    RF Attenuation Range, 5.8 GHz 20 dB, minimum
    Maximum Receive Level 0 dBm, error free (-5 dBm, error free for 8 x E1); +10 dBm, no damage
    Coding Direct sequence
    Number of Codes 4 (selectable)
    Processing Gain 10 dB, minimum
    Transmission Delay
    (radio only) 250 µs, maximum (TBD for 8 x E1)
    (20 km path) 300 µs, maximum (TBD for 8 x E1)
    (50 km path) 400 µs, maximum (TBD for 8 x E1)
    Regulatory Compliance FCC Part 15.247, Class B, IC RSS210/139 & ETS 300-328/826  

    Digital Line Interface 
    Digital Interface CEPT-1 (meets ITU-T G.703)
    Connectors BNC, unbalanced, 75 ohm (1-4 x E1); RJ-45, balanced (8 x E1)
    Line Code HDB3
    Blue Code AIS (Alarm Indication Signal)
    Far-end Loopback Local or remote control (internal/external signal source)  

    Auxiliary Connections
    Orderwire Handset 2-wire, RJ-11
    VF Orderwire Bridge 600 ohm balanced, 4-wire, 0 dBm, DB25
    Diagnostics Port RS-232/RS-422 (craft/TBOS), DB9 
    Aux Data Port RS-232/RS-422, (Clear Service Channel) Alarm Port 2 Form C, 6 TTL, DB25 
    Protect Port RS-232, RJ-45 
    Test Points output power, near & far-end RSL  

    DC Power ±20 to ±63 Volts, < 45 Watts
    Optional AC Adapter 100 - 250 Volts, 50 - 60 Hz
    Power Connector 6-pin barrier strip, plug-in
    Operational Temperature -30 to +65°C
    Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
    Altitude 5,000 m, maximum  

    Size (WxHxD)* 43.7 x 8.9 x 36.8 cm (2RU)
    Weight 5 kg  

    *19-inch (48.3 cm) EIA rack mount, 2-unit height (mounting brackets supplied).  

    Ordering Information

    31500-xxx0 2.4 GHz E1
    31360-xxx0 2.4 GHz 2 x E1
    31400-xxx0 5.8 GHz E1
    31700-xxx0 5.8 GHz 2 x E1
    31850-xxx0 5.8 GHz 4 x E1
    27705-20xxx 5.8 GHz 8 x E1, balanced
    27705-30xxx 5.8 GHz 8 x E1, unbalanced
    201-9350 OpenLYNX™ GUI
    201-31051 75 to 120 ohm Balun  

    Channel Options 
    xxxxx-A1x0 A1 channel
    xxxxx-A2x0 A2 channel
    xxxxx-B1x0 B1 channel †
    xxxxx-B2x0 B2 channel †
    xxxxx-C1x0 C1 channel ††
    xxxxx-C2x0 C2 channel ††  

    27705-xxA1x A1 channel (Tx=5,750 MHz, Rx=5,825 MHz)
    27705-xxA2x A2 channel (Tx=5,825 MHz, Rx=5,750 MHz)  

    AC Adapter
    xxxxx-xx00 without AC Adapter (1-4 x E1)
    xxxxx-xx10 with AC Adapter (1-4 x E1)  

    27705-xxxx0 without AC Adapter (8 x E1)
    27705-xxxx1 with AC Adapter (8 x E1)  

    Models 31500, 31400 and 31700 only. ††Model 31400 only.  

    Specifications subject to change without notice.