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Lynx DS-3 Radios

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5.8 GHz DS-3 (44.736 Mbps) LYNX.sc6

High-Capacity Connectivity in a Wireless Solution

Lynx 1500 Digital Microwave Radio_0904

Lynx DS-3 is a License-Exempt digital microwave radio that provides wireless full-duplex DS-3 connectivity for distances exceeding 15 miles (24 km)—at a significantly lower cost than leasing dedicated DS-3 lines.

Using high-quality radios and standard telco interfaces, Lynx DS-3 allows you to quickly add backhaul and backbone connections to your infrastructure. Because it is wireless, Lynx DS-3 offers significant cost savings compared to leased-line connections, and provides a time-to-market advantage where installing new lines is impossible or too costly.

In addition, Lynx DS-3 is license-exempt in most countries, so you can install it when and where you need it, without right-of-way limitations, frequency licensing delays, or waiting for your telecommunications provider to deliver new lines. 

Extend or Enhance Your Network Virtually Overnight

Easy installation and hassle-free operation allow you to quickly extend networks and eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks, making Lynx DS-3 wireless radios the ideal solution for:
  • Cellular carriers extending backbone infrastructure and backhauling traffic              
  • Service providers establishing new Points of Presence in new markets              
  • Service providers enhancing existing fiber and wire networks              
  • Organizations or service providers seeking redundancy for mission-critical telco connections 

About the Lynx Product Family

The Lynx family of digital microwave radios provides a broad range of point-to-point wireless solutions, delivering a proven and cost-effective alternative to wire and fiber for telco connectivity applications. 

Download the Lynx DS-3 Radios data sheet - PDF Version