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Products Unlicensed Radio Point-to-Point PDH (T1/E1/DS3/E3) Radios Lynx.HD 1xT1-8xT1/1xE1-8xE1 Radios (discontinued)

Lynx.HD 1xT1-8xT1/1xE1-8xE1 Radios

Wireless T1 or E1 Connectivity for Circuit-Switched Networks

Lynx 1500 Digital Microwave Radio_0904

The Lynx.HD provides the industry’s broadest, most scalable line of license-exempt Spread Spectrum radios for establishing point-to-point, wireless T1 or E1 connectivity. Lynx.HD delivers the fastest possible implementation and connectivity of multi-T1/E1 access for line-of-sight distances with 99.999%, or better, availability.

Compared to fiber or wired alternatives, Lynx.HD delivers faster time-to-market and more cost-effective deployment for service providers, corporations, and government agencies. 

Solving Critical Communications Needs 

Lynx.HD radios are ideally suited for creating fixed-wireless connectivity solutions addressing a number of critical communication needs, including:

  • Backhaul to central office/switching center           
  • Cell site interconnectivity to cellular/PCS base stations           
  • Spur connections for “last-mile” access or extending fiber networks           
  • New Points of Presence (POP) for service providers           
  • WAN and/or PABX connectivity from building to building, campus to campus, and for remote locations 

About the Lynx Product Family

The Lynx family of digital microwave radios provides a broad range of point-to-point wireless solutions, delivering a proven and cost-effective alternative to wire and fiber for telco connectivity applications. 

Download the Lynx.HD 1xT1-8xT1/1xE1-8xE1 Radios data sheet - PDF Version