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Lynx Hot Standby Protection Switch

Monitored hot standby hardware protection

Lynx Hot Standby Protection Switch_0904
The protection switches operate in conjunction with two Lynx radios and one antenna at either or both end of a link to provide monitored hot standby (MHS) hardware protection to the on-line radio. 

Automatic switching to standby mode 

When there is a condition indicating a hardware failure affecting the on-line radio, the Protection Switch simultaneously switches all radio functions including transmitter/receiver RF, data, orderwire, diagnostics, and auxiliary data ports to the standby radio.

The status is displayed via the front panel LED indicator as well as at the alarm and status monitor points located on the rear panel. The output power level can be calibrated via a push button to set the power alarm threshold. Lock-on switches allow for testing the standby equipment.

Interoperability with Lynx radios*

Four models of protection switches are available:
The 4T1 and 4E1 models interoperate with 1xT1/1xE1, or 2xT1/2xE1, or 4xT1/4xE1 Lynx radios in the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz ISM bands. The 8T1/8E1 model inter-operates with 5.8 GHz Lynx radios up to 8T1/8E1 capacity. The DS3 version supports Lynx DS3

About the Lynx Product Family 

The Lynx family of digital microwave radios provides a broad range of point-to-point wireless solutions, delivering a proven and cost-effective alternative to wire and fiber for telco connectivity applications.

* Lynx Protection Switches do not currently work with Lynx.GX radios. 


Maximum RSL
Insertion Loss
(on-line unit) 

-10 dBm
2.4/5.8 GHz ISM Bands
2 dB max, Tx to Anetenna, 2.4GHz
2 dB max, Antenna to Rx, 2.4GHz
3 dB max, Tx to Antenna, 5.8GHz
3 dB max, Antenna to Rx, 5.8GHz 
Input Voltage
Optional AC Adapter
Power Connector
Operational Temperature

±20 to ±63 Vdc, <12.5 W
110 to 240 Volts, 50-60Hz
6-pin barrier strip, plug-in
-30 to +65 o C
0 - 95% non-condensing
5,000m, maximum 
Digital Interfaces
Data Type
Data Capacity

DSX-1 or E1 (Optional)
1 to 4x DSX-1/E1
RJ-45, DB-9 for DSX-1
BNC for E1
RF Switch
Data Switch
Switching Time 

Coaxial Relay
Form C
1.5 Seconds (typical) 
Size (WxHxD)


17.2x3.5x10.8 inches
43.7x8.9x27.3 cm
7 lbs (3.2 kg) excluding cables 
Status LEDs

Alarm LEDs

Alarm Outputs
Power Test Point
Auto Cal

A/B On-Line, Lock-on
RF Calibration
Protection Fault
Major and minor: A,B
Three Form-C, Six TTL
DB25 Female
A and B Transmit power
Push button causes detection and normalization of transmit RF power 
Ordering Information

T1 Protection Unit*
E1 Protection Unit *

* Includes accessory kit which consists of T1 or E1 data, RF, VF, OW and diagnostics interconnection cables. 

Download the Lynx Hot Standby Protection Switch data sheet - PDF Version