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Ekahau Site Survey and Site Survey Pro

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Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey and Prediction Software (SSP) is an easy-to-use, powerful and comprehensive tool for 802.11a/b/g network site surveys and optimization. SSP provides planning, deployment, analysis, verification and reporting for Wi-Fi radio transmission behavior and performance. 

Maximize Coverage, Minimize Interference

The tool saves time in all phases of network deployment by combining accurate site survey information with visualization and reporting. Benefits include: 

  • Simulate network coverage for budgetary planning    
  • Easy to read, multi-color 802.11a/b/g coverage maps    
  • One-click site survey for network coverage verification    
  • Optional reporting module for professional proposals    
  • Optional GPS interface module for zero-click outdoor site surveys 

RF Prediction Takes the Guesswork out of Wi-Fi Network Coverage

SSP presents a streamlined approach to Wi-Fi network design and deployment. It creates a visualization of RF coverage, based on ACTUAL RF performance data. Unlike other tools that rely solely on theoretical models, with SSP you perform a quick site survey of a representative sample of your facility. Combined with your exact floor plan, SSP accurately predicts performance in your facility based on actual data. Theoretical modeling only has been shown to be more than 15 dB inaccurate in predicting actual signal strength. A drag-and-drop user interface allows customization of facility floor maps. SSP includes intelligence for factors affecting RF coverage, such as: 

  • Wall materials and locations    
  • Antenna options and transmit power specifications for ORiNOCO access points 

Wi-Fi RF Analysis and Simulation

SSP collects and stores actual Wi-Fi radio network information during the “walk-through” of the wireless network installation site. This information is used to isolate problematic RF areas for the determination of optimal channel allocation. Recorded survey data can then be edited and used for simulations, without ever affecting active access points. Features include: 

  • Analysis of channel and coverage overlap    
  • Simulation of network settings to determine impact on performance 

Superior Visualization

For reporting and audit purposes, SSP visualizes 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a network data on a graphical site map. Floor plans are easily imported from any standard graphical format, or even the fire escape plan mounted on the wall! SSP supports standard graphic formats, and a file export feature is available to other programs. SSP graphically indicates signal coverage and areas of concern, with multicolor representation, showing: 

  • One-click site survey    
  • Coverage areas and data rates of 802.11b, and 802.11a networks    
  • Any RF “leak” coverage outside intended    
  • Location of all rogue access points 

Wi-Fi Site Survey Professional – Advanced Capability for Professionals

For professional services companies, creating a comprehensive proposal and providing a thorough report after installation are key to winning new business, and gaining repeat customers. SSP Pro provides additional tools for quickly site surveying outdoor areas, such as in the fast growing metropolitan Wi-Fi networks, or outdoor areas of enterprise and university campuses. In addition, SSP Professional provides high quality reports for your clients or for your own records. 

  • Automatically produce extensive network and coverage reports in customizable, easy HTML templates    
  • For zero-click outdoor site surveys, quickly generate visual outdoor coverage maps with GPS support 

Download the Ekahau Site Survey data sheet - PDF Version