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Wavelink Avalanche

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Relieve the Burden of Mobile Device Management 

Wavelink Avalanche is proven software for centralized management of mobile devices. It performs rapid, hands-off updates of wireless devices located anywhere in the enterprise. Remotely and seamlessly, Avalanche revises configurations, synchronizes software and updates firmware and drivers. Best of all, it cuts your costs—in time, money and morale—by reducing the burden on your IT resources and eliminating labor-intensive management of mobile equipment. With Wavelink, you’ll have better tools, and more time, to achieve your wireless possibilities. 

Automate Mobile Device Software Updates

Companion to the Wavelink Mobile Manager and part of the ORiNOCO Smart Wireless Suite, Avalanche performs software updates and distribution for enterprise mobile devices. Avalanche automatically handles the most time-consuming, manual aspects of mobile device maintenance. A single console allows verification and deployment of settings to platforms such as Fujitsu, Intermec, PSC, HP/Compaq, Symbol, Windows and Windows CE, Pocket PC, Palm, and even DOS. Define device-specific profiles once, and Avalanche handles repetitive updates for both local and remote devices. Features include: 

  • Manages on-site devices over the WLAN     
  • Manages remote devices using any WAN link     
  • Single, central console to check and deploy settings     
  • Profiles for firmware, utilities, drivers, software, etc. 

Track Mobile Assets

Avalanche provides real-time visibility into the status of all managed mobile devices. An inventory allows quick reporting on which devices are up-to-date, and the last network connect time. Benefits include: 

  • Saves time from manual reporting on status     
  • Tracks devices status and connection     
  • Export information to asset management applications 

Maximize Uptime and Productivity

Avalanche helps keep mobile devices in active use, despite ongoing updates, upgrades and other frequent maintenance activities – eliminating the need to take the device out of service for updating. The tool automatically downloads new information directly to each managed device as it connects to the network. 

  • Works with docking stations, cradles, serial connections     
  • Reduced device downtime     
  • Replacement devices up and running quickly 

Download the Wavelink Avalanche data sheet - PDF Version